Social Media Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Social Media Mistakes You Don't Want to Make
Taran Matson

As our world becomes more connected, more and more business owners are hearing about the benefits social media can bring them. Unfortunately, many businesses give up too soon because they don't see growth right away.

What some people fail to understand is that social media is an entirely new world, and in order to grow, they will need to adapt to these new formats. Luckily, our team at Charisma is here to help!

From inconsistent posting to consistently ghosting, we're here to break down 7 of the biggest mistakes you may be making on social media.

Mistake #1: Only Posting About Your Business

Social media is not a one-way street! If all you do is post about your business, people will associate you with advertisements and tune you out.  

Instead, focus on creating valuable content that will be interesting and useful to your target audience. You can still talk about your business of course, but make sure it's engaging information to people who haven't heard of your business before.

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Mistake #2: Posting too Much

Despite what some sources may tell you, there is such a thing as posting too much! You'll need to find a nice balance of posting consistently without bombarding your followers with new content.

Mistake #3: Not Posting Consistently

Just like posting too much, there's also such a thing as posting too little. You don't want to drown your feed in new posts, but you also don't want to go MIA. If people see that you only post sporadically, they're not going to bother following you because they know they won't get regular updates from you.  

This is why we recommend scheduling at least some of your social media posts so that you can ensure consistency.

Mistake #4: Not Posting Engaging Content

Social media is its own world, and marketing techniques that work elsewhere may not do you good on social media. All too often, we see businesses post content that sounds good on paper but comes across like an advertisement.

In order to grow on social, you'll have to adapt to creating content that people genuinely want to see. Here are some do's & don'ts:

  • Don't just explain how good your coffee is with an infographic- share customer reviews and videos of your coffee being made instead!
  • Don't just post an infographic explaining your business's services- film your team at work and show the job you're taking on for the day!

Catching the theme here? You want to show your followers what you do, not just tell them. A singer wouldn't make a post explaining how their voice sounds- they would simply post themselves singing! On social media, people want a look into your day-to-day; the more you decide to share, the more people will pay attention.

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Mistake #5: Posting Slow-Paced Content

Social media is fast, and people's attention spans are getting lower day by day. Content that is too slow or spends too much time on the intro can quickly turn away viewers. Generally, shoot to get your point across within 3 seconds, as that's the average time someone will look at a post before scrolling.

Think of the internet as a highway and your post like a billboard, what can you convey as quickly as possible to get your point across?

Mistake #6: Going Ghost After You Post

You've scheduled all your posts out, they're engaging, and you're finally staying consistent - good job! Scheduling posts can make it super easy to stay on top of your accounts, but don't forget to do the other half of the job.  

Social Media requires you to be social, not just post media. Don't forget to reply to comments as you see them and comment on posts from pages you follow.

Mistake #7: Posting Too Many Links

Lastly, many people believe you want to share your links online as much as possible. While that is true in some ways, adding a link to every single post can be detrimental to your growth. The social media platforms are all fighting for your attention on their apps, so including excessive links to outside websites that may lead you away from the app may cause your posts to be pushed out to less of your audience.

You'll still want to add links when necessary, just make sure it's relevant to the post.

Captivate Your Social Following with Charisma

In the end, social media is about relationships. People want to connect with and support brands that seem genuine and down-to-earth. If you want people to engage with your content, you'll need to give them a reason. That means showing off your brand's personality, staying active, and being more than just another business trying to sell something on the internet.  

By taking the time to create engaging posts and connecting with your social following, you can build a thriving online community that will help your business succeed! Ready to get started? Call Charisma Communications today or book a consultation online!