Content Marketing Ideas for Personal Trainers

Content Marketing Ideas for Personal Trainers
Corin Tomasello

Staying on top of the latest trends can get overwhelming, but it is a key ingredient in standing out and reaching your target audience. In the fitness industry, you must stay relevant! That’s where content marketing can help you stand out in a highly competitive field.

Remember, quality over quantity, always! Each post should inspire, educate, or entertain your audience. For personal trainers, marketing will help you engage and retain clients so they reach their fitness goals and send more referrals your way!

Finding Ideas for Posts

First, figure out what your audience wants to see…. It may be a post about macros, nutritional hacks, work out videos, etc. How?  For Instagram, you can find this out by using the Instagram story poll tool and then use it to your advantage. When you give the people what they want because that is going to make them stay.

For your website (yes, trainers you need one), you can get content ideas by looking at Google Search Console for the keywords and phrases that are your main traffic drivers.  If your website has a search function, client queries are a good way to find content gaps.

Another tip: what do you find interesting? We do business with people we know, like, and trust. There’s a good chance if you like it, then your audience will too. Again, make sure that every post you make has a purpose. 

Content Marketing Ideas

It is always good to mix it up and have a variety of posts for your audience to refer back to. You want every post to have something meaningful or even educational so that all the content that you are creating is useful for your audience. There are many ways you can market your brand through podcasts, Youtube videos, text support, Instagram posts, or blogging. The list goes on.

Start with the medium most of your clients are on or where you spend the bulk of your time. This will help you pick a content strategy that you’re more likely to stick with.

Some content ideas:

Free Workouts

People who have an interest in the health and fitness industry are always looking for new workouts to try. YouTube is a great way to expand your reach and show that you know what you’re talking about. Plus, if you give someone a great workout at home. They can imagine what it’s like to work with you one-on-one.

These don’t have to be full workouts. Mix it up! 10-, 12-, 20-,60-minute ____ workout- it's up to you. You can even break it down into super short videos on how to do a specific exercise properly.

TRY: posting a video about showing a back and upper body workout, then in the description include a direct link to your written blog post where all the exercises are explained in specific detail.  

Success Stories

People love stories – especially motivating ones. This is will create a sense of connection between you and your audience because it is real and genuine. Talk about the difficulties that people face when they are trying to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle, which helps create a community of support.

TRY: Write a blog post or podcast where you share a client’s fitness journey and tell your audience how they got there, what inspired them, where they got stuck, and before and after pictures of the progress.  

These images and stories can be shared as evergreen content that you can repurpose for any marketing channel.   Posts that show progress picture come a long way if you have clients that are willing to share their journey. This will show your audience the work that you are capable of and hopefully attract some more clients to your personal training business.

Answer Common Questions

Educational posts are always helpful, too. Posts that include FAQs, fact vs fiction, or a video that shows the proper form of an exercise.  Educational posts about nutrition are good since there are many fad diets out there. Consider posting a “What I Eat in a Day” to guide your audience in the right kinds of foods they should be fueling their bodies with.

TRY: Make a podcast or Youtube video where you debunk all the myths about working out and you educate your followers about the real truth of living a healthy and fit life.  

Stay Social, Stay Relevant

Add fun text captions to the videos you post on Instagram because that will most likely draw in more people to click on the video and engage with it by liking or commenting.  Have highlight stories on your Instagram profile with specific titles like an arm workout, glute workout, about me, what I eat in a day so that your followers can easily refer back to those stories for reference.

Having highlight reels on your profile adds more context for your followers to engage with.  Stay relevant and know what your audience is looking for and provide them with that.

Why Content Marketing Matters for Fitness

Switching up your content is essential; having a variety of content that either inspires or educates, people will be more likely to view you as an expert in the fitness industry.

For example, if you mainly post weight lifting videos, try posting a HIIT workout or a quick at-home workout instead. You want to have a variety of content so that you can reach a larger amount of people which enables growth and you become valuable to more people.

To grow your business, post consistently to all the social media platforms you have. You should be uploading content at least 3-4 times a week. Our Tampa marketing consultants recommend you plan your posts for at least the next two weeks so that you can be ahead of the game. While doing so, encourage interaction amongst your audience by asking a question in your caption. This helps your business create long-lasting, meaningful relationships with your followers.

Your end goal is to help clients live better lives. Our goal is to get you more loyal and long-lasting customers which starts by getting found. Content marketing and making the most of evergreen content will help you engage and retain clients so you can positively impact their lives!