Charisma Communications is a boutique full-service marketing firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida. We believe your most valuable asset isn’t your product, or even your branding – it’s your customers. We are passionate about curating compelling experiences at every stage of the customer life cycle.


Charisma Communications serves as your virtual customer experience and integrated marketing team helping you craft content that draws clients in & keeps them engaged. We start by defining your objectives and then implementing a marketing strategy to deliver your message effectively. 


Our full-service marketing firm creates unique campaigns that generate more sales and retain your best clients. Our clients can be found throughout the U.S. and Canada, and our experience ranges from start-ups to multi-million dollar ventures. Partnering with Charisma Communications impacts your bottom line by creating memorable experiences for your customers that leads to lasting brand advocacy.




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We believe in creating meaningful interactions. To us, it's more than creating great content, it's about aligning every aspect of your company around consistently amazing customer experiences.


Every customer and every dollar counts! We understand that in order to communicate in a compelling manner, all messages must be an authentic representation of your business. Charisma Communications tailors our services to meet your unique needs. Our Tampa marketing firm specializes in branding, social media, content marketing, loyalty and referral programs, web design, and promotional product design. 


Our CEO (around here that stands for Chief Experience Officer), Corin Harmon is dedicated to work hand-in-hand with your team to solidify your marketing objectives based on your target audience and determine the most cost-efficient strategy to impact your overall customer experience. 


We use our customer service, sales, & marketing expertise to create the right action plan for your business-insuring that your team can convert customers into loyal brand advocates. All while maintaining a seamless experience that delivers on your message successfully.

Charisma Communications will help you craft a marketing mix that will allow you to stand out in the eyes of new and existing customers. The campaigns we create will effectively tell your brand story & create a consistent experience.

We partner with your sales & customer service departments to  build better relationships with your clients. We train employees on new marketing content, proactive service techniques, & developing rapport to close new business. 


{​Phone} 813.563.0248


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Monday - Saturday } 9am-6pm

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 601 N. Ashley Drive, Ste 1100-166


Tampa, FL 33602

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