Creating Content that Clicks - How to Capture Attention

Creating Content that Clicks - How to Capture Attention
Corin Tomasello

In a permanently evolving and highly competitive digital landscape, it is vital your business has a specific and targeted social media strategy. Through social media, a brand can directly interact with its audience and build a community of loyal customers who crave its products or services.

Social media platforms present an opportunity to gain your audience’s trust and expand your following exponentially with post sharing. First, you have to capture their attention.  This is achieved through creating high-quality content targeted towards your audience. Keep reading for tips on how to create influential content that sparks engagement.

Your Audience: The Why Behind the Shares

Understanding the psychology of what motivates users to share content can influence the type of content you create. Research shows the following are the top reasons why.  

Positive Affirmations

People like to feel good and be uplifted by their community. By sharing aspirational content, people express their personalities and receive positive feedback from friends and family when they reshare.  

Feeling Connected

Sharing content not only nourishes existing relationships but can help build new ones through discussion and engagement. Social media allows people to stay in touch with individuals they may not otherwise interact with.  There’s a reason they’re called communities on Facebook. A strong brand presence can help individuals feel that they are part of something bigger.  

Showing Support

People define themselves through social media. By sharing posts that align with one’s morals and beliefs, a user indicates his or her support of a cause or brand.

Kick Back & Relax

In their downtime, many people seek out entertainment to chill out. Sharing a funny video or a heart-grabbing song to share your own experience of that content can create positive connections.

Remember: these can’t be random; you need to connect everything you do or say to your overall brand/service so that the content is a blend of you & the business results you’re after.

Relax! Keep the content light and think about how you can connect the dots.  

A good social media strategy relies on high-quality content, time, and effort. With more competition, we’ll be honest, you may need to boost or sponsor posts to help get more engagement and start the sharing snowball. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. Consult with Charisma Communications here for help with your content marketing.

Getting to Know Your Audience

If you aren’t creating content that resonates with your market, you are missing out on a crucial opportunity. Social media users are searching for content that will add value to their lives.  

Your brand’s content should teach, inspire, entertain, consume, or soothe. Your approach will vary depending on who you want to reach.  Use the following tips to grab attention and stop the scroll:

Ask Away

Polling features on platforms like Instagram or Facebook open a gateway to conversation. This can provide valuable insights into your audience’s desires and needs.  Ask questions that will provoke thought and show your loyalty and care to your customers. Polling is a cost-effective method of market research that will prompt feedback.  

Happy Tears, Nostalgia, & the Element of Surprise

One of the most effective ways to stand out on social media is through the use of gut-punching emotional drivers. Emotions like happiness, anger, sorrow, and nostalgia can engage people and accumulate shares.  Know when to trigger what emotions. Research shows emotional reactions to viral content frequently fall under the category of surprise such as:

  • Curiosity  
  • Astonishment  
  • Uncertainty
  • Excitement  

Incorporating emotional triggers into your content can have your viewers stuck like glue, taking action, and wanting more.  

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Be Smart About the Experience

Let’s build your following of loyal brand advocates!  Some calculated moves for providing an easy and hassle-free engagement experience can dramatically increase your attention time from viewers.

If you don’t want to deter your readers, break up walls of text with smart structuring, using numbered lists, bullet points, and headers in the caption and when they click in.  

Creating infographics also helps your audience digest content. Because they can be both informative and aesthetically pleasing, infographics are a chance to increase sharing.  

At Charisma Communications, we’re here to help you see results from your online marketing efforts. For free resources to help develop your content strategy, click here.

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What’s New in Marketing

Reels and TikToks and Stories, oh my!  

Video, video, video! Look around, video is quickly becoming the governing form of online content and makes up a massive part of all Internet traffic. Embracing video in your content creation strategy can dramatically increase engagement. These are great, easy-to-digest (and share) content pieces that amplify your reach online.  

Videos allow you to explain your product, show a story behind your brand, and incorporate all of the above tips. Plus, you can up your SEO results as Google tends to promote quality YouTube content towards the top of the search results. It gives a big return (ROI) when you’re viewed as an influencer and reputable expert in your field.  

Inspire Brand Loyalty

Establishing your brand online using social media can sky-rocket your business. Reach out to our Tampa marketing specialists to schedule your FREE consultation. We’ll talk about your goals this year and how a marketing consultant can help you increase results while focusing on what you love to do – serving your clients.