A Note From Our CEO

Meet Corin Tomasello

Around here, that's
Chief Experience Officer

I love meeting new people and cultivating relationships; I apply this trait to your customer loyalty and retention; resulting in more engaged clients and more money in your pockets. I work closely with modern entrepreneurs like yourself to brand their businesses and bring their company to life!

My job is to make you stand out, but not in the ‘well, bless your heart’ way. Let's make every impression count! I’m inspired by chic, classic design (with a bit of whimsical touches).

I love to play games (but warning: I love to win!) One of my favorite games to play is two truths and a lie. So I invite you to get to know me a bit and take your guess:

+I ran my first half marathon in two hours.
+I have lived on both the East and West Coasts.
+I have two sidekicks: a 18-pound Chihuahua mix & a 75-pound lab mix, who are the best of friends.

Look forward to meeting you at a marketing consultation to learn your guess!

“It's important to me that Charisma does our part to help business owners achieve their dreams & spend time enjoying life however that means for them.”

Corin Tomasello

CEO (that's Chief Experience Officer)

Client retention rate

* 2021

Managed campaigns since 2016

3 States

You’ll find us in FL, GA, & CA*

* More coming soon

People are our business.

Charisma partners with you to deliver personalized touches to your clients.

We’re passionate about empowering companies to authentically connect with their customers & embrace their stories. Trust us, you’ll be amazed by the results of being truly customer-centric!

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