Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
Corin Tomasello

Whether this is your very first holiday hustle or your hundredth seasonal promotion, check out these holiday marketing ideas from Charisma Communications. Our Tampa marketing consultants share how to end the year with a boost in revenue and gain a new list of leads to ring in the new year!

Ways to Have a Holiday Boost

Here are 7 possible ways to create new year-end opportunities and new relationships with your dream client. Quite honestly, you can use these to gain new sales anytime during the year!

1. Support other local shops.

Know of another local business with the clients you’d kill for, but isn’t in direct competition with you? Think the Wedding Mafia (Bridal Shop, Planner, and Hair Salon). Put discounts or coupons for other nearby businesses’ products or services in customers’ shopping bags and have them do the same for you.

2. Reward your top customers.

Offer them deeper sales and savings, extra VIP perks, or even open the doors of your business outside of regular hours so they can have a personalized shopping session.

3. Give a little, get a lot.

Offer a discount or free gift card for customers who volunteer a certain amount of time to the charity or donate a certain amount. Join other businesses to host a gift-giving tree.

4. Hold a “12 Days of...” sale, giveaway or contest.

Give away a prize, spotlight a new product, or offer a different discount every day. This could also include offering your customers free promotional items that would be useful during the holidays or can serve as stocking stuffers.

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5. In a digital world, paper stands out.

The holiday season is a time when many people find the onslaught of promotional emails to be absolutely overwhelming. Send real holiday cards or postcards. Send actual coupons and gift cards. Nostalgia for printed photos and media is growing; tap into it!

6. Optimize for local search.

If you are a small business who relies on local foot traffic, consider it time to optimize your local search presence. Local search optimization can help lure local shoppers who are looking for specific types of businesses. This can also help increase sales with people who want to share a bit of their hometown with other friends and family who they may not see often throughout the year.

7. Create a seasonal lead magnet.

Now is the time to create fresh and new content, wrap it in some seasonal branding, and launch a limited-time-only lead magnet. You can create a lead magnet to attract high-quality, build trust by helping your prospects navigate a problem, or offer a useful resource. Creating a holiday-inspired lead magnet can help grow an email list and nurture leads into sales, as well!

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Landing with Lead Magnets

Just make sure the lead magnet tackles the following:

  • It’s action-driven. To generate interested leads, it’s important to give away small, free goodies that they actually want.
  • It offers a benefit. Lead magnets should provide useful information your audience can apply.
  • It’s relevant. It solves your target audience’s main problems and gives a stress-free solution.

The trick to promotion during the holiday season is to be personal and customer-centric. The shopping public has seen nearly every marketing idea thrown at them, and during the holidays it comes in like a tidal wave.

Promotions that function as a part of a continued relationship you have with customers, providing intangible services to customers (such as stress relief) are the best way to stand out from the crowd.

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Call On Charisma

Our Tampa marketing company can help you this holiday season and into the new year with your marketing. Contact Charisma Communications today to learn what strategies (SEO, social media, email marketing, etc.) may work best to promote your business and brand your charisma!