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Designing a Marketing Strategy for Haute Couture Cabinetry Company

How Charisma helped C & C Cabinets

C & C Cabinets is a local Tampa Bay high-end cabinetry maker, and we have been working on their social media presence, email marketing campaigns, and blog content. We recently revamped their entire website for a fresh look with our partners at All Day. Resulting in over $80K in closed business within two weeks from increased online engagement.

Prior to working with Charisma, Miriam, the owner of C & C Cabinets says that their marketing strategy was practically non-existent, and since working with Charisma, she has noticed growth in C & C’s brand recognition and growth in web traffic by nearly 200%!


Stats examples:  

"I have seen the work that they provide for industry partners and have since developed a great working relationship."
Owner of C & C Cabinets

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