5 Magical Words that Increase Sales

5 Magical Words that Increase Sales
Corin Tomasello

Use your words...Where would any business be without sales? And how do these businesses sell? It’s not magic. It’s the right wording (imagery counts too) of course! To get people to buy what you’re selling, you need to choose your messaging carefully.

Without the right message, your marketing won’t work the best for you because your leads will simply not convert. Here we tell the top five seemingly magical words that will help you successfully increase sales!

Be Relevant to Your Customers with the Word “You.”

First and foremost, when trying to sell something, whether a product or a service, you have to make the sales pitch, product description, or social media post relevant to your customer! Humans tend to be selfish creatures, and people want to hear how a product or service is relevant to them, how it is beneficial for them, or what makes it interesting to them.

See what we said there? It’s a lot about “them,” not so much talking only about your company or your products.

Convey What You Offer Customers with the Word “Value.”

To sell more effectively, a business must accurately convey what value they can offer to their customers. People don’t necessarily care about a long list of details or features about your service or product, but they do care about the benefits or resulting value that your service or product can bring them.

Showcase Your New Products or Services With the Word “New.”

When a customer sees the word “new” they might subconsciously think improved, exciting, and upgraded. According to several behavioral psychologists, new products create a sense of anticipation and a sense of adventure for consumers. The truth is, we always want the next best product and newer technology. (Hello smartphone industry, enticing us to buy a new phone every year!)

Marketing Tip: If you sell online, create a section that showcases your newest products and uses the word “new” in your product descriptions and on social media.

Entice Customers With Free Products or Services With That Magical Word, “Free.”

Nothing gets someone more excited than the word “free.” It elicits excitement and is a powerful emotional trigger. Businesses often set shipping thresholds for free shipping and it has been known to increase sales. E-commerce stores can place a banner on their website that orders over $50 get free shipping. More often than not, customers will put $50 worth of goods in their cart to avoid even a $5.99 shipping fee.

Did you know that using the word “free” in email campaigns increases the opening rate? People just love free stuff!

Give Customers a Sense of Trust and Security With the Word, “Guarantee.”

The word guarantee might conjure up some notions of a sleazy salesman, but in reality, a guarantee is a great word to use to get a sale. Psychology plays a huge role in selling, and a guarantee often gives customers a sense of trust and security. Customers love the words “money-back guarantee,” and -variations of “or your money back,” for product-based businesses.

A straightforward and honest return policy with a guarantee is of utmost importance to getting sales and creating loyal customers.

It’s Not Magic! Great Copywriting Increases Sales

While not an exhaustive list, if you strive to incorporate these five words into your email communications, product descriptions, and social media posts, you should see an increase in engagement and sales!

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