Branding & Web Design for a Healthcare Marketing Company

How Charisma Helped Well Written

Over our years of experience as writers and content creators, we recognized the need for engaging and informative content for health and wellness brands. So, we created our sister brand, WellWritten as a solution.


When deciding on a name we chose WellWritten as a play on words for wellness and well-written content. 

When thinking of design ideas for WellWritten we wanted to convey a clean, professional look while still being interesting and eye-catching. Just like the content. 

We chose a color scheme of green, blue-green, and yellow. These shades are known to signify and represent health and wellness. You’ll find this color scheme in our logo and throughout our website. 

Web Design

We extended the branding by keeping the color scheme along with complementary colors throughout the website for continuity. And we made sure to keep the overall design of the website clean, fresh, and engaging.

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Along with creating the branding and website for WellWritten we crafted an e-book as a campaign to help grow our client contact list. Not only are we giving great info to business that need it, we’re also connecting with potential clients.

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