Why Exceptional Service is Key

Why Exceptional Service is Key
Corin Tomasello

Great service is NOT a differentiator; it's an expectation. Any business worth it's salt will do whatever they can to go above and beyond.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, the struggle exists to create total customer satisfaction, because, without satisfied and loyal customers, you won’t have much of a business right?!  While not every business is as concerned with customer satisfaction as they should be, there are some great reasons why exceptional service is key to the success or failure of your business.

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Why is Customer Service So Important?

Have you ever gotten off of the phone with a customer service rep and just felt defeated or angry? You aren’t alone.   Unfortunately, many companies never got the “exceptional customer service” memo. Truly exceptional customer service creates loyal brand ambassadors for your company who will, if we’re being completely honest, help your business well, stay in business! Your aim isn’t just to save a sale and keep/make money – it's about making things right for the customer in a way that they prefer. Service isn’t the place for ‘policy’, in fact, take those words out of the customer service conversation; more to come on that.

Customer Retention is Less Expensive Than Acquisition

Did you know that on average it can cost five times more to attract a new customer to your business than it costs to retain one that you already have?! When you put that into perspective, you can see why having excellent customer service is key to the success of your business.

Why risk losing a customer with lackluster customer service? Do whatever it takes to keep your current customers happy, referring you, and coming back for more themselves.  The best new sale comes from an old customer. Every touch matters and people will do business where they feel appreciated. Focus on increasing repeat purchase rates, retaining your customers, and turning them into advocates who will share their experience with other like-minded consumers.  

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Strengthen Your Brand and Public Persona

The reputation of your company is very important, especially if you are invested in your public perception. When you employ great customer service, it results in more positive reviews and helps solidify you as a leader in your niche. People don’t want to work with or buy from companies that have a bad reputation or bad reviews. Make sure the public’s perception of your company is a good one.  

Existing Customers Buy More Often

Retaining customers isn’t only less expensive than acquiring new ones, selling to existing clients is far more likely!   Notable customer service entices your customers to come back to your business again and again because they know what to expect when purchasing from you as opposed to your competitors. You’ve already built brand trust with them and they have a little more loyalty to you.  

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Customer Retention

When a customer has a great experience with your brand, they are more likely to come back again. You can’t ignore the needs and wants of your (individual) customers. By going out of your way to create an exceptional experience for them, you are setting up a solid foundation for the longevity of your business.

Customers would much rather work with or buy from a company that they have already used before, instead of having to research and find someone new. Take advantage of this, and give each and every customer a stellar experience, from browsing your website, to purchase, and beyond!  

This is why you can’t lean on ‘policy’ as your business grows; shift your service language to ‘how can I make that right for you?’. Some will want a refund; some a replacement, and others a discount. Don’t make them fight for a positive experience – just make it happen. Trust us, every client will have a different reply and will appreciate that you did what they asked of you.  

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Word-of-Mouth Advertising

While it would be nice, you just can’t buy word-of-mouth advertising. It’s priceless. You want customers to walk away from an interaction with your business and talk positively about it on social media, and with friends and family.  The truth is, people are far more likely to listen to the advice of their friend than they are to an online review or ad. Create champions and raving fans for your business with exceptional customer service!  

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The Power of New Partnerships

Not surprisingly, when you are doing well as a company and are known for stellar customer service, other companies and businesses will want to collaborate and partner with you! It says a lot about a company they care deeply about their customers and their ongoing experience with their business.

Reduction of Problems Overall

By treating your customers like gold, you are telling them how much you appreciate their business which in turn reduces problems overall. In the event that there is a problem, they will be more willing to work with you towards a solution rather than getting angry and possibly bad-mouthing your business.

Plus, it makes for a better workplace environment for your team when you give them the autonomy to do what they can to do right by the client.  

Keep Your Best Clients, Brand Your Charisma

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