Magnetic. Sincere. Alluring.

the charisma way

Magnetic. Sincere. Alluring.

the charisma way

Magnetic manifesto


We believe in being magnetizing.

You and your company are unique. By being one-in-a-million and focusing your purpose around what matters most for your customers, the right people will feel a connection to you and be drawn to your business.

Everything we do is make you unforgettable, and inspire devotion from your customers. Attracting and retaining your most loyal customers is our raison d’etre.


We believe customers are more than customers; your clients are the rockstars of your brand.

Their experience matters and they should always come first. By creating empowering experiences, you become memorable by your clients as they engage in authentic, meaningful interactions with your company. When they feel a connection with you, they will help you rock the world!


​We believe in making a statement.

In today’s busy world you have to stand out – in a good way. We’re here to create something that your clients – and you – care about. We help you tap into the connection you have with buyers. It’s more than developing your skills to inspire and influence your customers and your team, it’s about building a relationship that lasts.


We believe in the golden rule: you treat your clients in the way you’d want to be treated.

When you adopt this mentality, your team can hit customer curveballs out of the park and provide those “wow” moments that will have buyers gushing about your brand.


We believe sales isn’t a dirty word, and it shouldn’t come across as sale-y or even sales-ish. And, service shouldn’t be so black and white.

Customers are very discerning and their connection with your team matters; they can smell when someone is being phony. We want your team to feel a sense of autonomy to build a customer-centric culture that personalizes each customer interaction.


​We believe in connecting the dots by aligning all aspects of your organization.

Your clients expect a consistent experience with your brand. The details from colors to marketing copy to sales or customer service calls all have an impact on how your brand is remembered, and every detail affects your brand advocacy.

We believe in creating advocates. It’s not just enough to have customers buy from you, they must love you. Your business should surprise & delight buyers, connect with them where they are, be open and authentic.

Our mission is to curate the appropriate experience for every type of customer you have and continue this through each step of their customer lifecycle so their connection to you never waivers.


We’re easy to talk to.