Make Social Media WORK for Your Business

Make Social Media WORK for Your Business
Corin Tomasello

Social media is a critical tool to growing and understanding your clients. Plus, it’s a great branding tool. While you may not want a bunch of comments on your blog, staying social gives you a chance to have a conversation with your customers. Hello, thriving business and brand advocates! Engage yourself with the constantly evolving world of social media so that you can create a better experience with your best client (or your next) … Here’s how to grow your brand on social media!  

Be Authentic

Rule number one (whether in sales or in life) can be summed up to two simple words: Be You.  

Don’t get caught up in the finish line instead of understanding what exactly it takes to get there. The easiest way to go about connecting with your ideal client is to share yourself and what is most useful for them. Social media is for branding and fun, as opposed to trying to sell! Answer questions. Show pictures and video. And most of all remember to share!

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Engage, Engage, Engage

Now that you’ve started your conversation, next step is to continue it! Don’t fall into the trap of letting social media be a one-way street where posts and content are posted, and that’s it... Keep posts relevant by engaging and responding to comments and messages to answer questions.

Share them on your personal channels so friends can see & share what you’re up to. Taking this extra step allows people to gain a better understanding of your services and expertise.    

Share Behind the Scenes

Show your process when you can. This peek behind the curtains adds another level of personability to your brand as a whole. In creating this type of content, things to be aware of are:

  • Avoid the need for perfection! You may not need to hire a pro as you don’t want it to come across as overproduced
  • Keeping content brief and focus on short tips and sneak peeks
  • Quality not just quantity of content matters in a busy social media space

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Don’t Oversell

People don’t want to feel as if they’re being sold to. It’s best to use social media towards suggestions or advice as opposed to aggressively selling.  

That doesn’t mean you can’t post special deals or how to contact you, but focus on promoting your content and expert knowledge in a way that is useful for them. This helps to draw people in, and have them engage and share your stuff.    

Commit to A Daily “Hour of Power”

Taking time to grow your social media can feel like it’s another huge hurdle to manage, but in reality, just an hour a day can make huge improvements.

Simply visiting pages and communities, adding and following new users, sharing business posts to your personal accounts, and - you know, being social - makes a world of difference towards improving your overall social media presence.  

Listen to What’s Being Said

Clients are aware of the impact that social media can have as a means to directly speak with companies. Be sure to follow up and address comments and concerns left by people who take the time to contact you. By doing so, you’ll accomplish two things:  

  • Trust in your brand as users understand that their feedback is not going unheard
  • Valuable market research. Each interaction gives opportunities to address any concerns directly  

Remember if a customer has an idea and you can change things up to make it happen, do it! Others may have thought of it but didn’t know how to tell you.    

How Else Can They Reach You?

Though it can seem to be obvious, sharing on social media can be the turning point for people to decide they want to do business with you. Simply including your business’s website, phone numbers, emails, and other platforms are good...on occasion.  Fill in bios and about sections with as much detail as you can so they can easily find what they need to reach out!

Develop A Deeper Connection with Clients

Call on Charisma! We’ll help you with a social media strategy that supports your online marketing efforts. Social media is a great way to stay top of mind and connect with buyers, but it’s not a place where you should be focused on increasing your sales – that's what your website is for.  

Our Tampa, FL-based digital marketers can help create an integrated strategy that develops a deeper connection. We help brands in growth mode increase recognition, referrals, and trust. See how we can help you; book a consultation today!