Benefits of Evergreen Content

Benefits of Evergreen Content
Megan Richards

No one wants to feel like old news—especially in the business world!

Many companies spend a good amount of time and effort on marketing content that aligns with the latest buzzworthy trends; and while these timely pieces might do the trick now, their shelf life is brief.  Chasing trends and churning out “single-use” content is not sustainable for any content strategy.

This is where evergreen content can be beneficial.   If you want your content to stand the test of time and remain relevant long after you click ‘publish’, keep reading for evergreen content tips from Charisma!

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is timeless. Just like its namesake, the evergreen tree, this sustainable long-lasting content stays fresh year on year with little to no upkeep (or updates!)  Evergreen content can be:  

  • Videos
  • How to guides
  • Blog articles
  • Quizzes
  • FAQ’s
  • And more!  

Unlike its trendy time-sensitive counterparts, evergreen content remains valuable long after it has been published and accumulates organic traffic over time. The longer it has been published, the more site traction it will get, and you guessed it—higher ROI.  

Why Do You Need It?

While both trending content and evergreen content plays a key role in your marketing strategy, evergreen content stays relevant for the long haul. Its long-lasting value makes it a wise rewarding investment and strategic addition to your SEO efforts.  Plus, evergreen content is a great resource for other authors and businesses to reference and backlink to.

This increases your likelihood of being linked to other sites, blog articles, and social media posts.   Not only is evergreen content great for increasing organic traffic to your website, but it is also a great way to build trust, authority, and position your brand as an industry leader.  

What Evergreen Content Looks Like

Whether you realize it or not, you probably have already published your fair share of evergreen content. An evergreen piece can be an informative blog post for your electrical business, interactive content on YouTube about DUI defense, or anything else that you might deem as “timeless content.”  

Generally, evergreen content is distinguished from a single-use piece by its longevity. Statistics, news articles, or opinion pieces are not evergreen resources and could even be obsolete with time.   One of the most successful forms of evergreen content is an evergreen SEO landing page. If you are trying to revamp your marketing strategy, having an informative and helpful landing page will be helpful!  

Plan it > Planning Blog Post Topics

Evergreen SEO Landing Pages

Evergreen SEO landing pages offer forever-fresh content and provide relevant educational content for your target audience in an encyclopedia style. These kinds of pages are a hybrid of informational and promotional pages and are a timeless resource for your audience to turn to for answers.  

Evergreen landing pages have proven successful for all industries including B2B, B2C, e-commerce, and consumer packaged goods businesses.   Not only does this resource position your brand as a trusted leader, but evergreen landing pages sprinkled with curated keywords and call-to-actions are the perfect tool to enhance your SEO success.  

Creating Evergreen Content

Whether you are writing an evergreen blog post or creating an evergreen landing page, start by choosing keywords for the evergreen topic you want to rank for. Research high volume, low competition keywords and determine phrases with the greatest traffic-driving potential. In SEO, choosing niche topics works to your advantage, and your evergreen post will be more valuable.  

When crafting your content, ask yourself:

  • What information do I wish that I had when I first started in this industry or when first learning about this product or service?  
  • What resources and information have remained the same for the last three years?
  • Does this resource already exist?

When it comes to evergreen content, it is important to write for the beginner. Don’t alienate your readers with complex industry jargon, keep your content engaging. The goal is to spark emotion with your content. Whether that is through inspiration, newfound knowledge, or humor, people are more likely to share content that stirs something in them.  

Plant the Evergreen Seed

Some subjects never get old, so think about what your readers want to learn, know, or have on hand as a resource. The more relevant your evergreen subject is, the more organic traffic you will accumulate over time. Of course, you’ll want to optimize your titles, metadata, and URL with carefully curated keywords.  

Evergreen content is successful if it is accessible. Instead of burying your evergreen content among all your other blog posts or archived content, create a new section for evergreen pieces that are easily accessible to visitors. You can tag the content category so that any post with that label is extremely easy to find.  

Promote your evergreen content through your social channels and linking to it on other pages on your website.  

Go Evergreen with Charisma

What are you waiting for? Let’s get blogging and create some evergreen content for your business! Aim to keep your evergreen content informative and timeless and look for content gaps or questions that you know your audience often searches for.  

Once your evergreen content is planted, you can continue to reap the business benefits of increased traffic from your email campaigns, blog posts, and social posts for years to come.    

If you need help writing evergreen content to wow your audience, our Tampa Bay marketing team at Charisma Communications can help! Book a consultation today!