Keeping Your Brand Consistent

Keeping Your Brand Consistent
Christina Carson

We all want our business to stand out and stand apart. We live in a visual world where brands are becoming memorable and easily identifiable. We all can think of dozens, if not hundreds, of brands that we can instantly recognize, for example, we can all recognize:  

  • Target from their big red bullseye
  • Nike with their simple checkmark “swoosh”
  • Apple’s iconic partially eaten apple
  • Starbucks (we're a bit of coffee-addicts) with their green long-haired woman

Doritos' most recent ad campaign doesn’t even say the name just shows an orange triangle shape and customers literally fill in the mental blank!  What is it about these brand logos that have made them so successful? The bottom line is consistency. Branding does not have to be hard or expensive, whether you did it yourself, paid $1000 or $10,000, the key to success is to be consistent.

Here’s how to keep your brand consistent across all platforms from Charisma:

Building Brand Consistency

Branding simply allows your brand, blog, or social media accounts to be distinguishable from someone else’s. It is more than just a logo. Sure logos help and help a lot, but when you are trying to create a brand through either social media, an online presence, or through printable templates—such as business cards or worksheets/workbooks, it is important to have your business stand apart and be recognized every time.  

When you have a brand it is all about building recognition and attracting your audience and customers. And the number one way to become recognizable is to stay consistent.  

Why Brand Consistency Matters

The bottom line is if your brand has no consistency, it will take potential customers—or even loyal customers—longer to recognize your company. They might also NEVER recognize your company if it is always changing. By missing out on customers you are losing serious revenue and sales.

Brand consistency is making sure your campaign messaging adheres to your brand values, visions, strategy, and ideals. This is usually done through logos and other brand elements. Having brand consistency sets your brand apart. When you can set your brand apart you will be authentic and help customers build trust in your company.

Brand consistency can also:

How to Create Brand Consistency

Never work harder than you have to. Through the use of visuals and words, brand consistency can work for you.  Oftentimes if you think your brand’s visuals are boring and repetitive, know that you are doing it right! It can be very tempting to want to re-brand every time you find a new font or visual, but staying consistent will help to keep your followers following. When developing your brand, keep these 5 design consistency tips in mind:


Keep it simple. Choose 2-3 fonts that you will use. Fonts can be memorable and recognizable and should be kept the same no matter where you are using them. Make sure your website, social media, blog graphics, ads, worksheets, etc. all use the same fonts.  

2. Color Palette

Just like choosing your brand’s font, choosing your brand’s color scheme is just as important and should be kept just as simple. Unless you are consciously choosing to utilize a rainbow theme, your brand’s color palette should stick to two to three colors.  

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3. Imagery

When adding visual images to your business, keep your style consistent. Adding photo imagery to your brand’s online presence or physical marketing advertisements can draw in a lot of potential customers. When customers quickly glance past a billboard or scroll by a social media post, most of them will go more slowly when there is a photograph. Photo images are also a part of your brand. So having consistency in your photos themes, such as colors, lighting, focus, subjects, etc., will help define your brand.  

4. Voice and Message

What are you saying? Did you know that your voice and messages are also a part of your brand?  It is best to just be yourself and use your own voice. Stay authentic to your vision and values and write the way you talk. When building customer loyalty, you do not want to surprise your customers by being someone you are not.  

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5. Logo

Your logo is the face of your business. Logos are arguably one of the most important visual aids in brand consistency. Logos are simple, shaped right, consistent, reflective of the product, and memorable. Almost every person in the entire world can recognize McDonald’s iconic “M” —its golden arches. Without evening needing to write McDonald’s underneath, anyone in any country, speaking any language can find his or her way to a McDonald’s. This is brand consistency done right! Keep in mind that your logo must also represent a quality product and service or your logo will not help your brand loyalty or long-term success.  

Keep Your Brand Consistent

Whether you are still struggling to figure out how to keep your brand consistent, do not have enough time to focus on branding, or just need help with designing and building your brand with the right computer graphics and templates, let Charisma Communications do the work for you.  

Our marketing team’s goal is to make your business recognized each and every time a potential customer sees your brand details. At Charisma, we increase recognition, referrals, and trust for businesses in growth mode. We can make your business more memorable and take your business to the next level! Contact us today.