Does your Online Visibility Matter?

Does your Online Visibility Matter?
Corin Tomasello

Around here, our team does a lot of networking, so the question commonly comes up ‘does online actually matter if people know me? Am I actually missing out on new business or is this all just snake oil? Short answer, yes. You’re leaving potential new clients on the table and your online competitors are likely getting that business.

Here’s the thing a lot of small to mid-size business owners don’t know... If your company fails to come up in the top 50 businesses (realistically the top 10-12) in Google, you are basically invisible! The traffic (aka pipeline) starts in many cases only with the people who know you are the people who you’ve met. This means you’ve got to hustle hard to get traction and more sales.

But, by utilizing good SEO strategy, you can influence your prospective client to choose you over your competition. This pool of potential clients can find you online as they search for what they need.

Why You Need Visibility Online

First, it’s not 1997- if you build it, they will not come because your new website isn’t up to snuff for today’s consumer behavior. Nowadays people research you and your company online before giving you their business, how do you measure up? You may feel you’re the best fit for clients to hire? But if they can’t find you, they don’t know that.

Stages of Online Visibility

Where do you think you are now...?

ONE: ‘Ghosting’

I type your name into Google, and nothing comes up, or it does, and there’s negative information about you or your company. This is the worst-case scenario. Truth is, professionally you are a ‘ghost’. Well, that doesn’t fill me with confidence.

If you’re wanting to get ahead professionally, you should start taking steps to enhance your online visibility. Charisma Communications will not only boost your online visibility we can create content to put your best foot forward and bring your business back to the land of the living online.

TWO: ‘Social Presence’

This is when your chief presence online is based on your social channels, specifically LinkedIn  and/or Twitter and/or Instagram and/or Facebook. You will find Twitter, like LinkedIn, tends to come up high in search engine rankings.  Google now pulls in recent tweets as a bonus! Be sure to fill out your profile with a stimulating summary that does the professional you justice. You’ll just want to make sure that social sites don’t outrank your own URL.

Does knowing your potential clients/customers/patients might check you out on Social Media worry you? At Charisma Communications we use content that will make you stand out above the competition and give you an edge in the marketplace. Contact us today for your social media and website content needs!

THREE: ‘Present & Accounted For’

Bueller? Bueller? Alright, now we’re tracking. You have some digital breadcrumbs in place and you have your collection of social media all stitched up = present and accounted for online.

When executed consistently and purposefully over time, being present and accounted for is a good place to be and, it’s probably all you need to jump ahead of the pack. If you keep up with new content, your clients will be captivated by your content! This means shorter sales cycles and more referral business!

FOUR: ‘Omnipresence’

Strive for omnipresence if you want to take things up a notch and really give your personal brand the edge in the marketplace. When you start popping up all over the place, in a good way, you are, “widely or constantly encountered”, omnipresent. You will have greater visibility across your social channels if done well, along with potentially making headway in Google searches as well.

It’s not just about visibility for goodness sake. It’s crucial you exhibit professional material via the content created for your company. It takes planning and commitment to build omnipresence online.

SEO Content Results

Key social channels in your own name are the first thing you need to hammer out. Writing relevant blogs (and then more blogs & did I mention blogs?), also help build your online presence. When it comes to business, things get a bit more serious with a good SEO foundation in place.

Confused, need some clarification or maybe you just don’t have the time to dedicate to your brand? Email which level you think you’re at now for a free website analysis. Reach out to our content and SEO specialist at Charisma Communications based in Tampa, FL!