Boost Your Business in 2023 with These Creative Marketing Tips

Boost Your Business in 2023 with These Creative Marketing Tips
Megan Richards

If you aren’t utilizing creative digital marketing strategies for your business, you are likely missing out on a lot of potential customers and revenue!  

Channeling your creativity into your marketing strategy can help your business attract more attention from current clients and your target audience.  

Now that 2023 is on the horizon, our team discusses our favorite creative marketing ideas to boost your business as the new year begins. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Why is Digital Marketing Essential?

It’s simple. A digital marketing strategy allows you to reach a wider audience with your marketing efforts. You can target specific demographics and markets that are most likely to be interested in your services or products.  

Further, digital marketing allows you to track results and ROI (return on investment) more effectively than many traditional marketing methods. This means that you can quickly see what’s working and adjust your strategy accordingly.  

Now, let’s get into our ideas to boost your business in 2023!

#1. Update & Optimize Your Website Often

We have said this before, but we will say it again; your website is the foundation of your digital marketing efforts.

Ideally, you should update and optimize you website once a quarter to keep things running smoothly.

Website updates can include:

  • Optimizing your website based on new targeted keywords
  • Learning from user data to improve conversion flows
  • Updating product or service content
  • And more!

We often see businesses treat their website like a printed brochure—once it’s published, nothing can be changed until a few years down the line. This is just not how websites work!

While you want the overall design and voice to be consistent across your website, you should publish new content often, create new landing pages for lead capture, and improve your website performance for mobile and web often. Remember to always keep your user experience at the forefront of any updates you’re making so you can improve on engagement, not negatively impact it.  

Google LOVES fresh content!

Updating well-performing posts with what’s new
can help push your website to the top!  

#2. Create Interactive Content

Interactive content is engaging and helps build relationships with your target audience. Plus, it’s a great way to get people to share your content with followers and friends!

So, what exactly is interactive content? Types of interactive content include:

  • Polls  
  • Quizzes
  • Infographics
  • Videos  

All of these elements can be incorporated into your blog posts or web pages for an interactive experience that can help generate more leads and sales.  

#3. Use Chatbots on Your Website

The way that consumers use websites has changed a lot over the years. If it takes too long to find what we are looking for, we get frustrated and might look elsewhere. This is where chat and chatbots can be beneficial. Many visitors will engage with chat right away when visiting a website to find the answers that they are looking for. While live chat is mainly used during business hours, a chatbot is available 24/7 365.

The best kind of chatbot gathers information or input from visitor interactions while providing information or direction about your product or services which can be extremely effective for marketing purposes.  

Tip: Don’t require a user to give their contact information to the chatbot unless absolutely necessary. Asking for their email address right way creates a barrier. Your chatbot should be a helper, not a gatekeeper to your amazing content!

#4. Repurpose Content

One big opportunity you have to boost your business in 2023 is to evaluate all the content that you have and find new and fun ways to reuse it.  

Has one of your blog posts received a lot of attention? Make it into a video, or share small snippets and tips on social media! The best thing about evergreen content is that you can repurpose it year after year.  

You don’t have to spend a ton of time recreating the wheel either. Since you already have dynamite original content to source from, you just have to get a little creative in how you want to repurpose it.  

Remember, Google LOVES fresh content, and updating well-performing posts regularly can help push your website to the top!  

Make your content count!
The best thing about evergreen content is
you can repurpose it year after year!

#5. Use Guest-Blogging to Your Advantage

While guest blogging is certainly not new, it has a lot of potential to boost your marketing efforts. Two kinds of guest blogging can be beneficial for your business:

Accepting Guest Posts

By opening up your blog to guest posts, you are getting free help in developing your content library. Remember to always review the content before it goes live to ensure that it is on brand and meets your standards.  

We recommend requiring that all content is original and not posted anywhere else online. You don’t want to get flagged on Google for duplicate content!  

Tip: Ensure that all guest blog content is educational. Many people who write guest blog posts are writing sales pitches. That’s not what this should be used for. Allow no more than one backline to the guest blogger’s website to ensure that it is helpful and not salesy.

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Submitting Guest Posts

While you might have a full plate just creating content for your own website, it can be beneficial for your company to create guest content for other websites as well. Many websites welcome a guest contribution as long as it fits their brand and is educational.

Reach out to well-respected websites in your industry or an adjacent industry and ask if you can submit a blog post. When it comes to backlinks, quality is key. Look for websites with a good amount of traffic and authority in your field.

Before contacting them, research the website first to ensure that it will benefit you both. Could you provide a new take on something they’ve shared? Or perhaps provide a quote on an article they shared, and vice versa, so you both win. Showing interest in what they are up to and even interacting (where appropriate) on social channels could help your guest post get selected!

Boost Your Business

Ready to get started on your 2023 marketing goals? Charisma is here to help! Our team can create a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes social media marketing, content writing, SEO, paid ads, web development, and more!  

Don’t wait. Now is the time to start boosting your business. Schedule a consultation with Charisma today!