#Thankful: 12 Ways to Thank Customers

#Thankful: 12 Ways to Thank Customers
Corin Tomasello

“Thank you.” It’s such a simple phrase, but one that means the world to those who hear it. This is especially the case in business, where showing your appreciation to your clients is of utmost importance, because without customers, there is no business.  

As we jump into the holiday season, never is it more important to thank your customers and express your gratitude for their business! Here are 12 ways to do just that and build a deeper connection with your brand ambassadors…  

Send a handwritten thank-you note.  

This small gesture makes a big impact, especially because of the digital world we live in. Just make sure that your note is sincere and meaningful.  

Reach out and connect with past clients.  

A great way to stay in touch with past clients and to connect them with others is to host special events (either virtual or in-person).  For example, IVF doctors can host “Mommy & Me” playdates with a group of former clients, or a PRP/stem cell doctor can offer “Fitness Fridays” with local walks and a healthy lunch provided by the office!  

Recognize when customers go above and beyond.  

You know those times when a client is exceptionally kind or complimentary of your services? Or when someone took the time to write a detailed and kind review of your business? Make it a point to tell your client how much that meant to you and how it brightened your day.  

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Give a thoughtful gift.  

The keyword here is thoughtful. Giving a gift to a client can be related to your company (no company swag!) or something entirely separate. Just make sure it is personal and is in line with your client’s values.  

Donate to your client’s favorite cause.  

One of my favorite “gifts” to give is a donation in my client’s name to a charity that aligns with their values and vision. It’s a win-win! Not only are you thanking your client, but you’re also doing some good in the world!  

Offer a free service during a challenging time.  

This year has been especially hard on a lot of people. With that in mind, it’s a great opportunity to thank clients for their continued support by offering free or discounted services that may help them adjust to a new normal.  For example, during the pandemic, Loom made their shareable video software accessible to organizations and schools by removing the recording limit on their free plan, doubled the length of paid product trials, and cut the price in half. What a great experience; go Loom!  

Enlighten your community.  

When you have something special to offer, it is a gift that should be shared! So why not thank your customers by educating them on what you do best?! For example, if you’re a dog walker, post a video on social media with tips on how to leash a dog or your favorite healthy dog treat recipe. Your customers will greatly appreciate your professional expertise!

Bonus connection points for little gifts like a leash + monogrammed collar or a useful, but cute, poop bag holder. You can put your details on it somewhere, but the pets need should be the main focus, not you.  

Give un unexpected upgrade.  

Be generous about offering free upgrades, especially to your best clients! Own a hotel? Upgrade a regular guest to a suite for free. Run a restaurant? Offer your nicest table to one of your repeat customers.  

Take time for face-to-face meetings.  

This one is important! Even if it’s a zoom chat or happy hour, it is so important to take the time to “see” your clients. If an in-person get together is possible, that’s even better!  

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Host a customer appreciation day or week.  

Make this an annual event where you do something super special to thank your customers! This gives clients something to look forward to, i.e. Ben & Jerry’s “Free Cone Day” or Dunkin Donuts free donut giveaway on “National Donut Day.”  It doesn't have to be huge, just a little something special that can make your clients smile.

Support your clients’ interests.  

Respect is at the center of every strong relationship, so make sure to support your clients whenever possible. Purchase their products or services and always engage with their initiatives when possible. For example:

  • Partner with customers’ businesses on co-marketing campaigns.
  • Highlight their service or company on social media.  
  • Support a cause they champion.  
  • Refer other people to their business.  
  • Host an event together, whether virtual or in-person.  

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Bend the rules.  

Truly customer-focused businesses give their employees the leeway to use their best judgment to help customers, even if it is against ‘company policy’. For example, maybe someone asked for a refund a day too late or missed an appointment due to an emergency. These are the moments when you can say, “Thank you for your business,” and bend the rules a bit.  

Expressing Gratitude in your Marketing

Customer appreciation is the art of expressing gratitude to customers to convey the important role they play in the success of your business. Thoughtfully touchpoints to thank customers makes them feel seen, heard, and valued which translates to increased business and referrals.  

At Charisma Communications, we believe that everything you do make you unforgettable and inspires devotion from your customers. We can help you tap into this connection! Our content marketing team is #thankful for all of our clients who trust us with their businesses. For more info on our marketing services, please call on Charisma.