Helping You Get Justice for Your Claims with Marketing for Liberty Insurance Adjusters

How Charisma helped Liberty Insurance Adjusters

Liberty Insurance Adjusters is a public adjusting firm that helps homeowners get the settlement that they deserve after property damage due to a fire, flood, storm, or another disaster. 

We worked with Ryan to design his branding and website when he first launched and continue to work with him for his email marketing, social media, content marketing, videos, and SEO. 

Example Liberty Adjusters email marketing stats:
  • Open Rate - 19.4%
  • Clicks Per Unique Open - 3.8%

Example of Google analytics and growth for Liberty Insurance Adjusters:

"Wow. Very pleased with the results. The website is amazing. Super easy to work with. Very responsive and very professional. Before, I met with a number of other people who do what [they] do and it was all very confusing. Corin laid everything out in a way that made sense. I am very excited about taking my business to the next level."
Ryan James
Liberty Adjusters

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