Don't Think You Need A Blog...Think Again

Don't Think You Need A Blog...Think Again
Corin Tomasello

We get it; you've been in business forever, and you've been doing just fine without a blog. People meet with you and they see your expertise.

But here's the deal, we're all busy and discerning with our time. If your website doesn't quickly build trust, or you don't answer common questions to provide value before you spend the time to meet with someone--you're missing out.

It's not just search engine optimization! A good blog shows your knowledge of your field, answers FAQs, and can be part of your social media and email marketing strategy. A small business blog is a marketing tool that you shouldn't leave it out of your overall marketing strategy. It creates connections with both prospects and current clients.

Today, Charisma Communications discusses why you should rethink NOT having a blog in place.

Why Your Brand Needs a Blog

While a lot of people go online to spend time on Facebook or playing games to unwind, the vast majority of people go online looking for an answer to a question or to find something they need. They most likely aren't searching for you & your products specifically.

Your company blog is the space where you find your customers, provide them with information, and show your value position. There are tons of ads out there that push a product and provide no value. This is a waste of your marketing dollars!

Tips for a Great Blog

Your small business blog is there to offer relevant information that people want and need to have. And though it will promote your company it should be focused on the goal of providing information without hitting people over the head to buy what you're selling. This is a very fine balance to achieve. When it comes to a great blog and content marketing strategy, givers gain. And you should be giving the vast majority of your knowledge away for free.

Share what you’re learning, and share regularly so your readers aka prospects know where to easily find the information they want. Do this long enough, and you’ll develop a following of loyal brand advocate and potential buyers who are aware of your product or service and the unique value you provide.

Even if they’re not ready to buy now (which they honestly probably aren't), your brand will be present in their minds when that time comes, and they may be sharing your site to other people who are ready to make a purchase.

Impact of Blogging on SEO

From an SEO perspective, your website is always being grading by key search engines like Google. Their algorithm look at things like proper grammar and spelling, and even if website visitors like, share, or comment about your blog content.

Of course, the search engines are also checking for keywords and key metrics like time on your page/website. Our advice is to focus on offering relevant & engaging information with keywords sprinkled in; address the people first and the search engine second.

If people visit your website and don't like what they see then you do more harm than good with your blog content.

Blogging for Growing Businesses

As a small business you should have a blog that you consistently post to (and no, once every 6 months doesn't count). Your website is more likely to appear higher in the organic search engine results if you have a blog than if you don’t. And those results are important now that more and more people are turning to the Internet to get information that then guides their purchase decisions.

Think about how you get your information. Do you scroll through every page to find what you need or do you stop after the 1st or 2nd page of results? If you're like 99% of people you're lucky to even make it to the second page. The more traffic your blog receives, the the longer they stay on the page, the more shares it gets, then the higher you will rank in the organic search results. Once you do that, then it's a snowball effect when more people will find your website and your products/services!

Credibility is the Key to Growth

Ready to start blogging? Well, once a month is better than not at all. Of course, the more time you put into the blogging, the less time you’ll have to spend on running your business. Seriously don't have the time to write, then Charisma Communications is an affordable marketing company to make sure it gets done and sounds like you.

You can trust to be the ghost writer you need. A consistent content marketing strategy will increase the amount of leads that you will generate overtime so contact us today!