The Two Most Important Words for Your Marketing

The Two Most Important Words for Your Marketing
Corin Tomasello
Are you ready to cut through the clutter and retain customers like never before?

In a world where we see hundreds of marketing messages every day, there are two words that you can, and should, use to set your business apart to drive new leads and sales.

These two words attract the right customers and peak their interest in your product offering. Can you guess what they are?

We believe…

The Newest P in Marketing

Purpose is the newest arm of the P’s of Marketing (along with Product, Promotion, Price and Place). Focusing on your purpose and what you truly believe in helps prospects align themselves with you and your businesses goals. Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger, and that’s why “we believe” are the two most important words to include when marketing your brand.

You must know and talk about your purpose. Marketing your values as a brand aligns with prospects and client’s needs and passions. This marketing strategy can truly transform every part of your customer interaction. Purpose also helps you build brand advocacy that customers can share with their friends. This is particularly important as purchase decisions are heavily influenced by word-of-mouth. Your marketing should be devoted to creating experiences, products, and services so good people can’t help but tell everyone they know about it.

Sharing Your Brand Beliefs

The greatest companies today have made it a point to focus on their beliefs and purpose. TJ Maxx’s holiday 2016 campaign was all about their belief in putting “more value on what really matters”- their home goods help to create a space that promotes family, friends, and community at low prices every day of the year.

Disney’s purpose is to “create happiness by providing the best in entertainment for people of all ages, everywhere”. Disney does this around the globe as new fans experience the joy of the magical world they create with their loved ones.

My purpose at Charisma Communications is to give brands a soul infusion that fuels devotion and ignites advocacy. I align what you care about and apply it in ways that you can connect with your target audience. By focusing on what matters to you, you’re inspiring both your customers and employees and driving a deeper connection to your brand.

Adding Meaning to Your Marketing

Knowing your brand’s purpose is the first step to unlocking a tremendous amount of meaning in your marketing. When creating a philosophy, manifesto, or values statement, there is no space for messages like ‘Our company is there for you.’ Your beliefs set you apart and you can’t impress clients with cheap talk that they probably get too much of already.

Instead, you need to deliver a statement of beliefs so your clients can speak the message themselves easily and feel a deeper connection from shared beliefs with your brand.

Your company’s beliefs don’t just stop at a page on your company website, lookbook, or media kit. They can't only be read in your advertising messaging. Your purpose must permeate every aspect of your organization. Otherwise, your customers and social community will expose it for the empty rhetoric it is.

We urge you to be authentic and transparent. The right people will know if you’re if your beliefs don’t match the same tone they get when they interact with your product, service or employees. Once you don’t live up to the beliefs you say you stand for, it’s hard to change buyer’s minds and reengage them again.

We Believe

At the end of the day, you must do two things differentiate your brand and engage your clients to get them to buy your product or service. We believe in creating a deep relationship with your customers; there is no room for a one-dimensional relationship that only matters when someone buys from you.

By using your purpose in your customer experience strategy, you can build a multi-dimensional relationship based on common ground and shared beliefs. And it all starts with understanding that we all want to do business with brands who believe what we believe.