Staying Connected With Content

Staying Connected With Content
Corin Tomasello

An engaged audience is key to the success of any business, and content that is fresh and informative is the perfect way to stay connected to your audience.

Content like blogs, email marketing, and updates on social networks all help stay connected with your clients and improve your SEO rankings along the way too (talk about win-win). While there is no shortage of advice on how to create content, there are a few ways that we like to stay connected to customers that you might want to try!  

Even during uncertain times like these, as many of us are social distancing and may not have the face-to-face contact that we once had with our customer base. Using content helps to stay in contact so your business not only survives but thrives after we return to business as usual!

Make Your Content Memorable

Connecting with your audience is the main goal of content and is of utmost importance because once you have connected with someone on an individual level you may have a customer for life. So how do you make your content memorable? Well, first you have to know your customer demographics.

Do some research into their ages, income levels, occupation, location, hobbies/interests, online habits, shopping patterns, etc. With this information in hand, you can target your customers with the right content and promotions.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget about the power of Google Analytics. There are invaluable insights about your prospects and clients in there to better serve them! Analyze existing customer data to help create personalized connections with current and future customers.

Social Media

Instead of just preaching about your product or service, social media is a great way to inform and educate about your business and industry.  Social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook can help create a back and forth dialog between you and your customers.  

These channels are a good way to build more brand recognition and engagement overall, which can in turn increase sales. Customers enjoy engaging with businesses, and social media is the perfect vehicle to do so!  

Visual Content is Key  

Your audience craves visual content, whether it is an infographic, inspirational quote, or how-to video. Visual content is all about building a deeper relationship with your customers while ensuring that the conversation is both engaging and interesting.  Here are some great ways to connect with visual content:  

Tell a good story

Do you have a great story about where the name of your company came from, or how you came up with the idea for your business? Maybe you have some interesting stories on how you brought your product to market. Tell these stories with a compelling photo, graphic, or even a video.

The shoe company TOMS is a perfect example. They connect with customers by using photos and videos to demonstrate how buying their products really does help people around the world.  

Tip: If your content includes images, people are 44% more likely to engage with it. Visual content is more engaging than straight text.

Do Video Demos

Sometimes demonstrating all the wonderful aspects of your product just doesn’t come across in a photo or brochure. A video demo can really help your product shine and can be used in blog posts, on social media, and your website.

Use Subtle Text Overlays + Quotes

Punch up an image with a quote or saying that is instantly interesting and shareable. Before you hit publish on your next blog article, find a captivating/ relevant image, and overlay it with an attention-grabbing statistic or quote from your post!

Tip: Text overlays are very well received by audiences when paired with blog posts. These images can be takeaways from your blog that can then be reposted to Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Encourage Sharing

Foster a sense of connection and community with your customers by asking them to share their stories and experiences with your products. You can ask questions or post short videos (or go live) to start a dialogue. Tip: Ask your audience to upload pictures using a relevant hashtag and start a small visual campaign around their shared content.

Stay Connected with Engaging Content

You don’t have to be a content guru to connect with your audience, so don’t worry about making overly elaborate images or videos. Create authentic content that is true to your brand that will, in turn, resonate with your audience.  Try some of these techniques, and you are sure to create lasting relationships with your customers!

Don’t know where to start with creating content? Charisma Communications can help! From developing your brand, creating blog and social media content, to SEO services, we are a full-service marketing company based in Tampa, FL!  Contact us today for a free consultation!