How to Tell the ROI of SEO

How to Tell the ROI of SEO
Corin Tomasello

We get this question quite a bit: “how do I tell the ROI of SEO”? Our Tampa search marketing agency shares KPI metrics that show how much ROI search engine optimization can really produce.

Raising In the Rankings

SEO helps by getting a website from page 10 to page 3, to page 1 (as many times as possible)! By doing this, you can increase revenues and can also lower other marketing expenses. By receiving more traffic on your site is one measurable way to see if you are getting SEO ROI.Raising SEO rankings means more traffic. As a small business, it’s key that people find you when they search for what you do/offer. Once on-site, SEO helps to increase sign-ups, calls, purchases, and social shares. All great measures of SEO ROI!

Better Ad Performance

Paid advertising (P-P-C or social media) is an important part of any marketing strategy. SEO helps you get the best ROI on all of your marketing efforts. SEO strategy doesn’t replace paid advertising, but lacking quality SEO can increase your overall ad costs particularly on Google.

Think of it this way, when you post an ad or social media post, you most often direct people back to your website/blog. When it isn’t optimized for sales conversion and user experience, then you pay for a click, but miss out on sealing the deal. Plus, sometimes the ad isn’t enough. The customer scrolls by, but they see a blog post or YouTube video from your company that interests them, and now you’ve gotten the traffic without the cost of the click.

That’s why it’s key to leverage SEO to improve your ad performance and enjoy those ad savings.

More Visibility

That’s right, your website isn’t going to come up for every single search every time. Google gives less visibility to websites with a high bounce rate (60+%). They assume you’re not providing a good user experience and just like any good referral marketer doesn’t want to send people to the wrong place. When you implement an SEO marketing strategy, over time, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Increased Time On-site

When you invest in SEO, people stay on your website longer. They click on other pages and take various actions. SEO buys you time by quickly showing the visitor that your website is the place to be. Attracting the right audience and providing an excellent user experience (UX) through SEO are what makes this possible.

Higher Conversion Rate

More traffic means more opportunity to convert into good leads. SEO web design is maximized for conversions throughout the site. You’re talking to the right people and you can start to learn from their behavior to increase your sales and reduce ad spend over time.

Even if the purchase isn’t made immediately, a good SEO strategy will help with micro-conversions (ex. view another article, join the mailing list, etc). This gets more people focused on what your brand is up to. Every micro-conversion works to reduce bounce rate and lengthen a session. These are what drive long-term engagement and get people invested in your brand.

Want to better understand how much ROI you can get with SEO? It’s easy to see once you know where to look. Call on Charisma at (813) 563-0248 our Tampa marketing consultant will help all of your marketing efforts thrive!