6 Benefits of Remarketing

6 Benefits of Remarketing
Megan Richards

Say a customer is looking online for plumbing services, but then gets distracted by something else before scheduling an appointment on your website. Retargeting ads, a type of remarketing, could be greatly beneficial in this scenario. They work because the next day, your potential client might get an ad for your services on a different site, reminding them to go back and resume scheduling an appointment with your company.  

Advertising to the people who have already engaged with your company in the past can be a huge boost to your marketing efforts. But does it work? And what are the benefits of remarketing?  

Our marketing team at Charisma explains!  

What is Remarketing?

Before we discuss the benefits of remarketing, let’s discuss what remarketing is!  

Remarketing is aimed at people who have already
engaged with your business in some way.

For example, if someone visits a page on your website or searches for your company on Google, you can design a specific set of ads or an email flow to market to that user.  

The process of remarketing is fairly simple. Here, we break it into the following simple steps:

  • Someone visits and interacts with your website, but leaves after browsing.  
  • The user browses other websites.  
  • On the other websites that they’re browsing, they see your retargeting ads. (Abandoned cart emails are another type of remarketing.)  
  • They are reminded of your website.
  • They return to your page to finish converting whether that is scheduling an appointment, buying your product, etc.  

As you can see, it isn’t complicated at all!  

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The Benefits of Remarketing

Remarketing is a great way to reach your target audience and boost your company’s revenue. Here are the top ways in which it can benefit your business.  

#1. Remarketing Keeps You at the Forefront of Your Audience’s Minds

The truth is that people can often get distracted online. One moment they may be scrolling your website, and then they may switch to a different site or get drawn away by a pop-up notification. Fortunately, remarketing can help when this happens.  

When done right, you can remind people about your business
with carefully crafted remarketing ads or emails.

With so much going on online, it can be easy for your audience to forget about your service or product. But when they’re reminded of your business, they’re likely to return to your site to continue where they left off.  

This repeated brand exposure is one of the biggest benefits of retargeting, and one you will want to take advantage of.  

#2. Remarketing Reaches a Relevant Audience

One of the key elements of marketing your business is reaching the right audience. If your audience isn’t receptive to what you are selling, all your time and marketing efforts will be wasted.  

Remember this, no audience is more relevant to your business than the one made up of people who are already interested in your products or services. Read that again.

If you’re trying to reach the people who will be the most receptive to your ads, it will be the people who have already visited and interacted with your website. For this reason, remarketing can be a great strategy to reach your ideal group of people.  

#3. Remarketing = Excellent Timing

It can be hard to know if the people you are reaching need your product or service at that exact moment. But not with remarketing! Remarketing has perfect timing.

With remarketing, you are targeting people because of a visit or recent search, which means that their interest in your business is active. Since you are advertising to your audience at the perfect time, you can achieve better results than you can with other ads or marketing strategies.  

#4 Remarketing Reduces Cart Abandonment

Another one of the great benefits of remarketing is that it significantly reduces cart abandonment.  

Cart abandonment is when users add something to their cart, but get distracted and leave the website or leave with items still in their cart.  

Cart abandonment is a common cause of reduced
conversions for online businesses.

Fortunately, retargeting can help decrease cart abandonment! When you send someone an abandoned cart email, you remind them to complete their purchase and many of them will! As result, you’ll be recovering more sales for your business.  

#5. Remarketing Increases your Conversion Rate

While all the points that we have gone over above are excellent reasons to try retargeting ads or remarketing emails, several of them also work to create one of the best benefits overall—high conversion rates.

All of your marketing efforts are designed to drive conversions, and the higher your conversion rate, the more revenue your business will generate. When done well, remarketing can lead to higher conversion by targeting the right people at the right time.  

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Convert Your Target Audience into Clients

If you want to reduce cart abandonment, stay at the forefront of your client’s minds, and boost conversion rates, call on our team at Charisma! We can craft remarketing ads that will complement your entire marketing strategy and lead to higher conversion rates.

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