Three Simple and Sweet Ways to Find a Solid Domain Name for Your Business

Three Simple and Sweet Ways to Find a Solid Domain Name for Your Business
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Every company has a distinct brand identity. Whether you own a design firm, a blog, or an online store, your company has a personality, tone, voice, goals, and appearance. These features form your brand identity, which is an important component of your company's online success.

Now, most entrepreneurs overlook the vital role their domain name performs in their online success, failing to recognize that their domain name, like their brand name, serves as their company's online identity.

And, if you want your company to be successful online, you should prioritize choosing a strong domain name that reflects the core values of your company.

To achieve solid results online, you should concentrate on creating a visually attractive website and acquiring a short, catchy, and engaging domain name. And if you're not sure how to choose a strong domain name, stick around because that's what we'll be focused on today.

Three Awesome Ways to Find a Solid Domain Name for Your Business

1. The Domain Name Must be Brandable

Before any domain name can be considered premium, it must effortlessly fit into your company's brand image. Brandable names are distinct, memorable, identifiable, and creative, and they represent your company's essential identity.

Premium domains are the most highly sought-after domain names on the web, and that’s because they contribute immensely to their host companies by helping lay the groundwork for their online presence as well as giving their business solid online authenticity.

Additionally, since excellent business names are frequently used to create brandable domain names, we advise using a domain name that is identical to your business name. By doing this, you could boost the value of your business and domain name.

Several leading companies with outstanding brand names, like Amazon, Google, Tesla, Microsoft, and Twitter, also have solid domain names that mirror their brand names. Therefore, having an interesting brand name needs to be your first objective.

And you can do that by:

  • Crafting Original Words: You can think up words that accurately express the core of your brand's services and personality. Brands like Snapchat and Gmail are just two examples of brands that have walked this path.
  • Using Existing Words: You can use dictionaries and thesaurus to find words that already exist and suit the personality and identity of your brand. Three major corporations—Twitter, Amazon, and Tinder—took this approach and gave these common words new meanings.
  • Utilizing Acronyms: Another strategy for coming up with a good brand name is to shorten tricky or long words. Great examples are companies like MAC, which stands for 'Make-up Art Cosmetics,' and Microsoft, which stands for 'Microcomputer software.'
  • Consulting a Naming Platform: Visiting a naming agency could assist you in developing your brand identity and finding catchy business names for sale that would provide fresh, appealing domain name suggestions that are attuned to the values your brand stands for.

Supposing you’ve already started your business with a weak and unappealing brand name, rebranding your business and getting an exciting brand name would boost your SEO ranking and make it easier to get a solid position in the market.  

2. It Has to Be Short

Another crucial rule for domain names is that they must be brief and simple. This is because utilizing a short, basic word will make your domain name easier to remember, refer to, and search for on the internet. Short domain names are a perfect fit for the limited capacity of our human memory.

3. TLDs (Top-Level Domains) are Critical

Even though the internet has advanced significantly since its early years, top-level domains such as '.com,' '.org,' and '.net' continue to lead as the most popular and most used extensions.

And although the Domain Name Association reports that over 1500 new domain extensions have been introduced in the last several years, a 145% growth, practically every website visitor has the assumption that every domain name they use must be a top-level domain, such as '.com.'

However, you can still succeed with country-code TLDs like '.co' and '.uk,' as well as emerging TLDs like '.io' and 'co,' if you are unable to get the '.com' version of your chosen solid domain name.

Don't Make Errors!

The most straightforward way to succeed online is to own a solid domain name. And to properly achieve this, you must choose domain names that are consistent with your brand. Remember to avoid using symbols, numerals, and misspellings. They would only add unnecessary complexity to your domain name.

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