Investing in SEO for the Highest ROI

Investing in SEO for the Highest ROI
Corin Tomasello

Did you know that 20% of small businesses fail in their first year? We aren’t trying to scare you, we just want you to know the facts! The importance of a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can help you build your business from day one, past the one year mark, and beyond!

It is easier said than done to have consistent business growth, but with some hard work, patience, and trust, you can achieve business success with the use of SEO and content marketing. Take a look at some of our top tips on how investing in SEO can create the highest ROI for your business!  

Online Searches are Key to Your Sales Funnel

For any business, SEO and getting to the first page of Google is an important component of inbound sales strategy. Without it, you might have a hard time bringing customers to your website, or business.  An SEO strategy aims to consistently bring in new customers each month! If you can maximize your ROI ( return on investment) with the use of SEO, then you generate more earnings and business growth.  It’s like a snowball effect:

  • people search and find you not your competitors.  
  • Online content – blogs, vlogs, testimonials, images help build trust so they pull the trigger faster
  • You provide the excellent service you’re known for and get more reviews, referrals, and sales coming your way!

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How SEO Maximizes Your ROI

The key with any investment (either in money or time) is that you see the results of your action. You must first make an investment to see the future impact of it. If it’s not working then you need to address the strategy and adapt quickly to protect your business gains. Remember no investment – no measurable return.  

Is it working? Check Your Traffic Gains

If your SEO strategy is working, then you should see reliable traffic and new sales that you can count on day to day or month to month. One of the benefits of SEO is that this type of recurring traffic is easier to scale. Predictability is key!  

Well, that sounds easy! If you have recurring traffic and an SEO plan, then your business is sure to succeed! Right? Well, not so fast. SEO can actually be quite challenging, which is why it is a good idea to have an SEO professional like Charisma Communications, help you with your SEO strategy.  

Why is SEO so Difficult?

While numerous factors go into an SEO strategy, the main thing we tell our content marketing clients is to focus on consistency and time. We know who you’re trying to serve and blend that with proven SEO drivers to help them get to you online. That said with everchanging algorithms (BERT anyone?), it’s understandable to see why SEO can be difficult to master. Google’s Algorithm Search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms to ensure that websites aren’t increasing their rankings illegitimately.

You will get dinged and may basically disappear online due to spammy, black hat SEO practices. These tactics don't solve for the searcher and often end in a penalty from search engines. Black hat techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private link networks.

Ranking Factors & Popularity

If that isn’t difficult enough, add in 200 ranking factors. Yes, you read that right, 200! Some of the most heavily weighted factors by Google’s ranking algorithm include:

  • Authoritative backlinks  
  • Content ( blogs, social media, E-books, etc.)  
  • Optimization (keywords)  
  • User experience
  • Technical aspects (page load speed)

So what do you focus on? It’s wise to do some research into what trends are happening. If you start with your target audience, many of the ranking factors Google is targeting most heavily in their algorithm will fall into place.

Things Change Frequently

Since Google is constantly updating its algorithm, you need to optimize your website continuously. We recommend monthly, but some small businesses prefer to add a larger content push to fill gaps quarterly. This depends on your sales cycle and current pipeline.

SEO Initiatives Take Time

Your brand (like Rome) wasn’t built in a day. SEO and digital marketing strategies take time to plan, execute, and then measure. Since SEO strategies typically implement and integrate multiple initiatives simultaneously, it can be difficult to pinpoint which factor led to an increase in traffic or ranking.  

That being said, when SEO is used as part of a holistic marketing strategy, you can see amazing results over time. And don’t worry our Tampa marketing consultants track goal conversions from your online pipeline!  If you want to make sure you’re found online by more interested prospects, call on Charisma! Our team will help you get better quality leads and then retain them over time!  

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Plan an Effective Marketing Strategy

You have to have the right mindset when it comes to getting the most from your marketing.

  • Begin with the end goal in mind: Set clear goals and KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators) Hold yourself or your SEO specialist accountable for these goals, this will help ensure success. Long-term thinking is key: Think years rather than months as SEO is a long-term investment based marketing strategy.
  • Focus:  Without proper focus, you can spend too much or too little time on areas of your SEO strategy. Focus on the top few factors that drive results to your business while also keeping in mind Google’s 200 + ranking factors.
  • Align with Google: The more you align with Google, the more traffic that they will send your way. Google’s mission is to:Help Google’s users find what they are looking for and have a great user experience.” If you incorporate this user-centric mindset, Google will rank your business higher in search, see a rise in your results and your ROI.  

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Maximize Your Marketing with Content

Investing in SEO takes time, patience, and focus on the long term. With the right SEO strategy and help from an SEO professional, you should see an increased ROI for your business’ marketing efforts.  

Do you need help creating and implementing an SEO strategy for your business? At Charisma Communications, we will work with you to create a targeted SEO strategy that will increase traffic and conversion rate.

Charisma Communications begins every strategic partnership with a complimentary 30-minute integrated marketing consultation. What are you waiting for? Book your consultation today!