How to Start a Social Media Strategy

How to Start a Social Media Strategy
Corin Tomasello

Social media is a vital marketing channel for businesses both big and small. Everyone wants to know how their business can grow with social media marketing as part of their content marketing strategy. But, where to start? Get going on the right foot with these tips to start a social media marketing strategy.

Social Strategy #1: Answer this question. What topics do your clients think about...other than you?

For example: say, you’re a hair salon. Your social media channels would be pretty lackluster if you only just showed the hairstyles you’ve done or if you only post your specials. Boring.

A good social media strategy starts with the ability to talk to your clients like they’re your friends. When you put them in this context, what would you talk about with them? More than hair I’m guessing.

So those topics are the start of your social media strategy. Now, that’s not to say that you don’t want to talk hair or your promos, of course you do. But, think of those as secrets you tell your best pals; it’s only ever so often.

Social Strategy #2: Choose your channels.

You need to make wise decisions when picking your social media channels. Where are your clients and future brand ambassadors? What social networks are they on? That’s how you prioritize where to implement your social media strategy.

In our hair salon example, your key clients may be more likely on Instagram than LinkedIn. If your target audience isn’t on a particular channel, then you don’t need to focus your marketing efforts there. Though this may change as your social media marketing strategy develops.

Social Strategy #3: Be social.

Be friendly with their friends, or in this case other business pages that they are likely to forward. Start a pages feed of these top accounts and actively like and engage with those brands too. Get your name out there and be social.

Social Strategy #4: Cross-promote.

Post to like your Twitter on your Facebook business page. Post a link to your Facebook page on your Twitter. Set new photos shared on your Instagram to your Twitter feed. Your channels should not be siloed! You can use an engaged following in one to build your presence in another.

Social Strategy #5: Spend the money.

If you build it, they won’t just come. Sorry. You must spend money to advertise your social networks. Eventually with consistent posting, good ad targeting, and some luck you’ll see a snowball of growth on your pages and the reach of your brand.

With these social media strategy tips and consistent posting, you can start a successful new marketing channel for your business. Charisma Communications is a Tampa based marketing firm for small to mid-sized businesses. Let us help you #brandyourcharisma and help with your social media strategy! Plans start from just $350/month. Get started today!