Tips to Leverage Email Marketing

Tips to Leverage Email Marketing
Corin Tomasello

You may think that email marketing is an ineffective, old school way of advertising your product or service, but think again! What you call old school, I call classic.

Email marketing still remains a great way to get your company and brand directly in front of your target audience. Worried that you’ll remain unopened? That’s going to happen, BUT if you use these tips to leverage your email marketing the right way, it’ll happen a lot less.

Here’s how…

Provide Interesting Content.

No one wants a cluttered inbox full of annoying emails that do not provide valuable content. When that happens, emails go unopened and a sales opportunity is lost. That being said, it is critical to provide email content that is both interesting and beneficial to your audience.

Here’s how to do just that:

  • Make your subject line compelling enough that the reader wants to open the email.
  • Let every email have a specific message that is clear and concise.
  • Make sure you have share-worthy content that shares a tip or value to the reader.
  • Do not be too wordy; use bullets and link to more info.
  • Add a social share button somewhere in your email.

This will increase the number of people who see your message!

Build Your Audience.

The saying, “It’s a numbers game,” couldn’t apply more for email marketing because the more people you send an email to the better! However, no one said that building this audience is easy.

You’ve got to have a strategy in place to make people WANT to sign up for your emails and WANT to continue to receive them. Here’s how:

  • Post email sign-ups on your social media sites.
  • Attend networking events, trade shows, sponsorship events, etc., and encourage potential clients to sign up for your emails. But be respectful, don’t just add people to your email list
  • Host webinars on your own site or on a partner company’s site. This will build interest and compel readers to sign up.
  • If you’re an online retailer, add an option to sign up for emails during the checkout process.

The key here is to scrub your list every 6 months or yearly during your marketing audit to make sure your list isn’t stale aka full of old/outdated contacts. Your email provider will charge you the more contacts you have on the list, and stats like open rate can determine if your future emails will go into spam in the future. Which no one wants! So build and maintain your audience carefully.

Use a Company Email.

It’s been proven that using a company-branded email address for email blasts is more effective in terms of attracting readers. When people think the email is coming from a real person at your company (as opposed to a generic computer-generated email), the more likely they are to open the email.

Marketing Tip: Build trust faster and skip the,, or The only @ should be the one for your brand!

Send an Email at the Right Time.

One of my favorite tips to leverage email marketing is to test the times when you send your email blasts so you can see what produces the most action. Start by sending your email to one part of your list in the morning, and then have it go out to the rest in the afternoon. Afterwards, go into your analytics and see which time had the best metrics. A little A/B testing to see when works best for your audience will go a long way in the long run.

While sending monthly email blasts is yet another task on the to-do list, it should be an integral component of your sales and marketing strategy. Don’t think you have the time? Charisma Communications can help! As marketing specialists based in Tampa, we provide marketing services such as email marketing, blogging, vlogging, and more. Let’s meet!

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