Creating a Homepage that Converts

Creating a Homepage that Converts
Corin Tomasello

First impressions matter. It’s true in everyday life, and especially so for your website!

When someone visits your website, the first place they tend to land is your homepage. How your homepage is set up can have a big impact on your conversion rates.  

Focusing on your homepage design pays off, regardless of the kind of business you are in. Let’s talk about some of the top elements of your homepage that you should focus on, and turn your homepage into a conversion machine!  

Keep Your Homepage Design Simple

The bottom line: websites with simple designs have higher conversion rates. Some websites try to cram in as much information as possible on their homepage such as their products, awards, services, testimonials, etc. This can be too much for a visitor to your website to take in all at once.  

If this sounds like your website homepage, simplifying your design should be a top priority. Having a lot of information for your clients while a good thing doesn’t mean it all belongs on your homepage.   Here are our top tips for a clean homepage design:

  • Choose the right colors. This can influence the decisions that people make! Using the right color scheme can have a large impact on how people interact with your website, and ultimately, your conversions
  • Minimal text and options to click on  
  • Straightforward menu bar
  • Clear Call To Actions throughout. On mobile, we call it the rule of thumb and you should put a button where people naturally stop
  • Clear description/graphics  
  • Offer free value. Think an email list or blog that encourages your visitor to come back for more of your expertise!  

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Focus On Website Speed

The amount of time that your homepage takes to load can have a huge impact on conversion rates! The fact is, people are impatient, and we are all used to getting what we want when we want. Websites that buffer or takes a long time to load...well, say bye to potential buyers.  

Simple website designs load faster! If your homepage is full of tons of images, complicated menus, a bunch of colors, etc. it won’t be able to load very quickly. Remember: If your homepage loads too slowly, it will increase your bounce rate and kill your conversion.  

Tip: While it might seem like a great way to save money, paying for the cheapest hosting for your website can be bad for your business. You get what you pay for. Upgrading to a better hosting plan can increase your conversion rate because you won’t have to deal with slow loading speeds & potential site crashes.  

Continue the Customer Journey with Clear Call-to-Actions

If your homepage doesn’t have clear call to actions (CTAs), how can you expect your page to convert?  People aren’t going to spend time searching for the button to purchase or how to contact you. You have to make it clear where you want them to go and do next. When it comes to getting those coveted sales, this is key!  

If you have a well thought out design with a clear CTAs and links throughout, you should have a higher conversion. For your call-to-action buttons, try things like:  

  • Sign up today
  • Subscribe Now
  • Join for Free
  • Learn More
  • Shop Now  
  • Contact Us

All of these are great for your homepage. Keep in mind that they won’t be as effective if they’re all used at once. Focus on different versions of what you want prospects to do and what’s the most profitable for your business.  

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Optimize Your Website for Mobile

If you want the highest conversion rates possible, optimizing your website for smartphones and tablets is key to your success. People use their phones for everything these days including shopping and browsing the web. Most internet users expect your webpage to load within 2 seconds on their device.  

If you’re unhappy with the conversion rates of your website, analyze your homepage first. Take a hard look. Are the aspects of your homepage as simple as it can be? Do you have clear call-to-actions? If you follow these tips, we know you’ll see an increase in your conversion rates!  

Create a Website that Works

Need help creating a homepage and website that converts? Call on Charisma Communications! Our Tampa marketing consultants can help you write engaging content, pick the best images, and create clear call-to-actions. Then we optimize it all to make sure that search engines- and clients-can find you too. Contact us for a 30-minute brand marketing consultation today!