3 Tips to Communicate with Charisma

3 Tips to Communicate with Charisma
Corin Tomasello

Charisma means ‘compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others’. What business doesn’t want to inspire devotion in their customers?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to make a successful pitch to attract investors, or a salesperson reaching out to new clients communicating with charisma is an important part of your success. Charisma is what allows you to command a room, draw others to you, and convince people of your ideas.

Here are 3 of my favorite tips to help your brand communicate with charisma:

1. Be Present.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone & you could tell you didn’t have their complete attention?Concentrate on giving your full attention to make customers feel incredibly special.

Charisma isn’t necessarily about quantity, but the quality of the interaction. Let your clients know they have your full attention! When speaking with clients, one easy tip is to ask clarifying questions. For example: you could ask, “When you say ________, can you clarify what you mean? I want to make sure I understand.” How would your sales or service be different if you made this a habit on every call?

2. Speak with a Smile.

Charisma is about how other people perceive you. Smiling when you speak is a simple thing you can do right now that will have customers on the other end of the line recognizing your team is full of nice people. We can hear when someone is smiling and when they aren’t; it makes a difference in how we feel about the conversation & the person we’re speaking with.

Studies show that smiling, even when you don’t actually feel happy, will instantly make you feel happier. Besides making you feel good, your smile makes you more attractive and approachable to others; people want to be around (and work with) happy people. A smile changes your tone when you speak, and you’ll project warmth that communicates kindness.

If you mostly work with clients remotely or you have a sales and service team that makes calls most of the day then, use your voice to communicate warmth and friendliness. Instant charisma!

3. Show Gratitude.

A simple thank you note goes a long way. If you’re sending out a product, put a thank you note in the packaging. Handwritten is best, but just including it is a nice touch. If you have someone who buys repeatedly from you, include a note periodically to thank them for trying another product and for being loyal to your business.

Use the opportunity to recommend a new product or ask for a review; in a non-pushy way of course. You can also send out periodic emails to have some of the same effect, but I like the card because it shows that you took the time to write it and it’s definitely going to be seen by your buyer as opposed to email which they may or may not see. If you have the space in your marketing budget, you can even send an unexpected gift to your clients. The thank you gifts you send can be something fairly small, but it should connects to your brand or the lifestyle your client is trying to obtain.

I remember once sending water infuser bottles to the long-term clients of a diet company. The package included an infused water recipe and a short note from the owner. It was nice to hear the thank yous come in from people who appreciated the gift. Another example is a hair salon that gave a small sample of a new product with a few Hershey’s kisses; afterwards, they saw an increase in sales of the shampoo and the coordinating conditioner too!

Relationships in life are everything, Charisma Communications is here to show you how to make your brand charismatic to make lasting relationships with & share moments that matter most with your clients.