SEO Tips to Push Your Website to the Top

March 26, 2019


If you focus on executing your SEO plan consistently, that consistent work will yield results - we promise. At our Tampa based marketing firm, we always tell people that the main SEO secret we can share is consistency and time. SEO success is sort of like working out, you can’t do it one time or for a month and expect amazing results.  Now that said, there are some things that small businesses can do to help get the rankings progress that you’re after. Keep reading as the marketing consultants at Charisma Communications share some SEO secrets:


SEO Tips for Google


  • Understand Google’s Ranking Algorithm - SEO Moz has a Google Algorithm Change History that will help you research the changes. Google Webmaster is also a good reference and provides insights to increase your performance.

  • Structured Data - It helps Google decide what search results will appear.

  • Create (and submit) a Sitemap

  • Complete your Title Tags - Not just ‘Home - Website Name’ put your major keywords in there. These tell Google and other search engines what content is on your website.

  • Include Canonical Tags - This will basically tell Google that this is the truest version of a respective web page.

  • Post updates to your Google Business (Maps) Listing. This is key for small, local businesses as hyperlocal searches are why you’ll notice maps at the top of your search results. These posts can increase web traffic and rankings too!


Those top spots don’t come easy. Even just a few changes each month can have a major impact on your website’s ranking. It will still take time to see your hard work come to achievement so keep at it!


Website SEO Maintenance


It’s best practice to a regular website health checkup (monthly or at least quarterly). Here are a few things that our SEO clients have us update for them: 


  • Meta Descriptions - The language should be captivating with a call-to-action that will attract visitors to visit your website over a competitor’s.

  • Use H1 Headings Properly

  • Name All Images and Alt Tags

  • Inspect Your Website for URL 404 Error Code Pages-you can even make a fun 404 page to stay on brand and have a good user experience when the page doesn’t work. Look at this example we love!  

  • Evaluate Your URL Structure - if you make changes to any then redirect that content so you don’t end up sending prospects to pages that don’t work

  • Evaluate Your Site Speed - key for mobile versions of your site. Plus, no one likes waiting…


Tracking your SEO metrics is important to understand what aspects of your SEO linking strategy are working. Plus, creating relevant content, teaching your audience how to do something, and always updating old content are great ways to make the most of your links and grow traffic. Question-based queries should be a big part of your online marketing strategy.


By connecting your content with real people and other reputable websites, you’ll develop valuable relationships and maximize your SEO marketing strategy.


Which SEO Secrets Will You Start With?


What are you waiting for? Push your website to the top with these SEO tactics.


I recommend starting with a sitemap of your site and making sure search engines can read your website. From there, you can create a keyword list and theme to work through the other parts of a solid SEO foundation. Consistency is key and by working on this your business can tap into the generally 75-95% discovery (aka search) traffic of prospects.


Those top spots don’t come easy. Even just a few changes each month can have a major impact on your website’s ranking. It will still take time to see your hard work come to achievement so keep at it! For additional tips and assistance on how to communicate with Charisma contact us for a free consultation with our Tampa marketing consultants.


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