Building Relationships by Celebrating Client Birthdays

August 19, 2019

Building those life-long relationships with your customers is what makes a brand last.


Taking care of these relationships is something every company needs to focus on. Celebrating a milestone like your customer’s birthday is an easy way to foster a more personal relationship with your customers, and, hopefully, build a foundation for long-term loyalty. Want to make your clients feel special? Keep reading for tips to add birthday celebrations to your marketing strategy.  



Birthday Club 


Who doesn’t love their birthday?! To Start a Birthday Club at your place of business. Collect birthday information either at your store or via a form on your website. Be sure to collect a name, email address, and date of birth at the minimum; a mailing address and phone number are also useful. You can store these birthdays in your CRM or your email marketing platform.  



Birthday-Related Marketing Ideas 


Now that you have the club going, try one of these birthday-related marketing ideas: 


Invite customers to come to your store for a special birthday gift. Who doesn’t like free stuff on their birthday?  Have gift bags with a special gift, gift card/coupon, and a few small treats. This is a great way to get the customer into your store. Plus, they’ll likely still spend money while they’re at your business. Everyone wins!  


Happy Birthday!  


Enjoy a FREE Coffee! 


The more the merrier, the rest of your party gets 10% off.  




Send a birthday card. People don’t receive many pieces of mail anymore. This can be a pleasant surprise and delight moment for some of your best clients! Be sure to sign the card and include a special birthday offer with an enticing call to action.  


Wish your customers a happy birthday. With a phone call, text, email, or on social media.  It doesn’t cost anything extra. Your customers will fill honored that the owner has reached out to them and remembered their special day. 


Text a special birthday coupon. This is a great way to send a birthday message and get your customer to visit your establishment on their birthday. 


Partner with a local bakery. For VIPs clients, you can have cakes delivered on their birthday. This is a great way to put a smile on your customers face and help grow your local economy at the same time.  


Host a monthly birthday party. Invite visitors to your store or office on the last Friday of the month to celebrate a birthday bash. Serve birthday cake or cupcakes with a small gift bag or birthday coupon. This will create a fun environment for both the birthday customers and customers that frequent your store that day. 



What Businesses Does this Work for? 


Anyone really, but it really works in industries like:  

  • Stores  

  • Personal Trainers 

  • Restaurants

  • Coffee Shops 

  • Vets (pets have birthdays too) 

  • Multi-level marketers 


Celebrate Your Customers  


When you celebrate customers, your goal is to delight your audience by showing that you care. 

Show your audience that you truly appreciate them and their business. Celebrating birthdays as part of your marketing strategy can help build and strengthen your relationship with customers.   


Need help with your marketing strategy? Charisma Communications is a top-rated SEO and content marketing company in Tampa, FL. Captivate your customers, when you communicate with charisma. Book your free consultation today! 

*This post is in honor of our CEO, Corin Harmon’s birthday! Give her a gift and share this post. Stay in the know join the Charisma Community.

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