Mix It Up: Using Quizzes to Convert Customers

March 14, 2017


Today, basically every business is an e-commerce business. Recent reports show that online sales have a 10x growth rate over brick and mortar equivalents. Heck you can buy a mall for $100 at auction! Consumers are clearly shopping online more and more; therefore, retailers must do everything they can to optimize their e-commerce sales funnels and capabilities. Make the most of your online engagement and include quizzes in your content marketing.  

With an emphasis on driving e-commerce sales, finding new and innovative ways to spur online sales requires an effective strategy. Why this works: quizzes are highly shareable and give a more personalized experience to your customers. Using interactive content like quizzes can attract and engage your advocates, generate new leads, and of course increase online sales.


Every day on social media you see a multitude of quiz content and people sharing their results, urging friends to see how they compare. This drives a ton of social traffic and engagement for brands that have included quizzes in the marketing mix.


Quizzes in your content strategies have easily measured key performance indicators (KPIs) including:

  • Brand awareness

  • Web traffic

  • Email subscriptions

  • Decreased bounce rate

  • Increased sales & revenue

Quizzes captivate clients and help address one of the top issues your online brand faces: bounce rate. Increasing site visitor’s time on site equals more revenue…potentially a lot more revenue. The process is simple; attract an interested audience, provide recommendations, overcome buying considerations and conversion.


Quizzes have other great marketing benefits too! They can also improve your organic search through people searching out that fun content they heard about. Plus, think of the consumer data your brand can get from these quiz results. When done right, you have access to essentially a massive focus group on your customer base and what they think on a certain topic. This invaluable data allows you to adjust your other marketing channels to down the road to be more personalized based on these results. Personalization is key in the future of marketing!

Quizzes have been used for years in the fashion industry to guide customer decision for years, but honestly quizzes can work to sell way more than clothes! This content marketing strategy address one of the biggest consumer considerations – indecision. By using the client’s feedback and thoughts and giving more personalized recommendations, your brand can see some phenomenal results!


Integrated Marketing Best Practice: Create a quiz with personalized results that assigning people a “personality” that relates to a group of products or a specific product.  Then follow up with email marketing automation to keep your customers coming back for more down the road and recommend other products that their personality seems to be suited for!


Once you’ve gotten prospects attention with a captivating quiz, you’ll want to make sure to make the most of the opportunity with a strong call-to-action (CTA), extending special offers or promoting another campaign.


Most brands use quizzes as a lead capture tool. I recommend making the email lead capture optional so your content appears gated, but the user experience remains at a premium. Nothing feels worse than spending the time to answer a bunch of questions only to find you MUST put your email in to get the result. This will more often than not get you a bunch of fake or unused emails which defeats the purpose. I like using Qzzr (and their premium version Boombox) to build this interactive content because the way their quiz results are set up does this perfectly!

Quiz content can also free up resources on your team and serve as a sales/support role for your e-commerce store. Quizzes can be accessed 24/7 by site visitors essentially increasing your business hours from the support side of things.


Think about the impact that quizzes could have on your sales team if they can guide a prospect through this great content. During business hours, this self-serve content can also free up a salesperson’s time to help other prospects or ramp up inbound sales calls by already having an idea of the buyer at the other end of the line. Knowing a customer’s quiz results can help give more personalized recommendations and consult buyers on the products or services that will fit their needs, interests, and preferences.


And for your support team think how the conversation can change with customer issues when they have more insight into the customer’s personality and preferences. If their quiz results are in your customer relationship management system (CRM), and what they ordered didn’t suit them as well as the buyer hoped, then your service team can again use the quiz results to direct buyers to a different item that may suit them better. That means you can save the sale and retain the customer!

Quizzes aren’t just a form of enjoyment, as you can see they’re a great marketing tool! You can use quizzes in your content marketing strategy to make your target audience have a more personalized experience with your brand. This unique content is a way to continually recommend tailored products to buyers.


Personalized experiences such as this help grow the relationship between customers and retailers. When customers feel a personal connection with your brand, you not only brand your charisma, you’ll see growth in your sales conversions, repeat purchases, new leads, and customers becoming advocates!


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