Unique Ways to Show Clients You Care

August 28, 2018

In a business world of hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget the core nature of business –relationships.  And what’s the easiest way to build relationships with customers?  I personally think it’s through sincere (I repeat “sincere”) appreciation of their business.  It’s a simple concept, but you’d be surprised at how few companies take the time to show clients you care.   


This is especially the case for smaller ecommerce brands who have a difficult time competing with huge conglomerates on price and efficiency, and instead focus on their product, brand, and service.  By creating meaningful customer experiences, they compete against the big guys with loyalty and word-of-mouth and carve out their own place in the market.  Here are some unique ways to show clients you care.   


Send Handwritten Thank You Notes.  This is a lost art that carries so much in terms of showing customers you care. As a Southern girl, it boggles my mind that, so few people use this technique. This can be a big driver for your loyalty marketing and building advocates. It’s inexpensive and effective, and a great way to show that there is an actual human involved with the transaction.  When you send a thank you note, your customer receives something tangible and meaningful. Remember these tips when writing the perfect thank you note:  

  1. It doesn’t have to have your logo on it. Use quality stationary or unique cards that express your brand. 

  2. Use the customer’s name to make it personal! 

  3. Be specific about why you sent the note.  

  4. Reference a conversation or part of their order that shows the card has been personalized for them.   

  5. Sign the card warmly, but professionally, i.e. “Thanks again, Cheers, Kind Regards, Sincerely”. 


Include Package Inserts.  You’ve already paid for the shipping and for the box, so why not include a small surprise in the package as well?  This is a cost-effective way to say, “Thank you!” while also giving your customers a little extra delight.  Think about it.  It’s exciting enough to finally get the package you’ve been waiting for.  Just imagine your surprise and delight to also receive a little extra bonus!  Package inserts are all about exceeding customer expectations and providing a value-add experience.  


Provide Free Gifts or Samples.  Everyone loves a freebie.  Everyone.  When you throw in a small sample or gift with an order, it’s a great way to say, “Thank you for purchasing!”  It’s also a fantastic way to introduce a different product to an already interested customer.  Just be sure to match the sample with your customer’s profile so you know it’s something they may want to use.   


Use Video to Create a Personal Connection.  A recorded and personalized thank you video is one way to take things to another level of appreciation.  Why?  Because it’s impossible to fake being personal, and the customer will know how much time you put into showing that you genuinely care.  It’s also a great way to be creative and memorable since videos are perfect for special occasions or holidays.  Send videos in a post-purchase follow up or as a separate interaction.   


Brands that show the human behind the company with videoPopov Leather, Wistia 


Offer Post-Purchase Discounts.  By rewarding loyal customers with discounts or coupons, you thank them for their business and encourage them to purchase again (and again, and again).  To avoid being pushy or too salesy, use terms such as “Just for you” or “As a thank you” or “A customer perk for you!” Send discounts via email or as a package insert, and always use a unique coupon code so you can determine how effective it is.   


Spotlight Your Customer.  This is a great way to share with others how much you appreciate your customers!  For instance, clothing lines showcase people wearing their clothes (their own way), hair dressers love to be featured on Instagram, and small businesses always appreciate a shout-out on any of the social media sites.   


Brands who stand out through spotlightingForever 21, Wool and the Gang 


Give Unique Gifts as Rewards.  Falling again into the surprise and delight category is giving unexpected gifts to customers as a reward.  This helps your most loyal clients feel like VIPs and encourages them to continue using your brand and promotes word-of-mouth to potential clients.  For example, one VIP loyalty program, clients who had been on a diet program for six weeks or more received a high-quality water infuser bottle and branded flavored water recipe card.  Creative gifts can go a long way in terms of customer appreciation and loyalty.   

Need help in the marketing department?  Charisma Communications can help surprise and delight your customers! For more info on our small business marketing services, let’s chat! Our Tampa marketing consultants would be glad to help!  


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