Marketing Strategy Tips for Interior Designers

October 18, 2018


Want to grow your interior design business and get more clients?  Here are some of the marketing essentials you need to use to keep your lead flow consistent and build advocates to increase referrals & repeat business. Keep reading as Charisma Communications shares marketing tips for interior designers. 


Develop an Effective Website 


While there are many marketing channels today, it remains true that your website is ground zero.  Most people who convert into clients will visit your website and use its content in their evaluation. As I like to say, every business is an e-commerce business nowadays because your website is such a big driver of new business.  


Refresh Your Social Networks 


Make sure your presence reflects your most recently completed projects. Update your profiles, headers, and backgrounds on social channels like Facebook, Houzz, Pinterest, and Instagram. One key tip is to make sure your post link back to a place on your website, so you can build your traffic and SEO over time.  


You don't have to be everywhere all the time, just pick a few that make the most sense for the people you want to connect with. Then be consistent (shhh... that’s the main secret to marketing success). 


Picture It, Video It 


Video is more important than ever with online marketing.  If you take a photo of your work, also take a video of it to show the space a different way. Extend the appeal of your portfolio with videos. Interior Designers can have marketing success with introductory videos that explain your approach to interior design and common terms. Of course, having clients give video reviews of your design skills is a plus! 


Check out this video I edited for my friends at Jewel Toned Interiors:




Press Publish 


Start or update the blog on your company website or contribute to an already established design blog. You may find you develop a following and catch a new client or two. In a competitive industry like interior design, marketing means upping your game; you should blog at least 2x a month.  


Where to start? 


Google Search Console and Analytics (yes, SEO nerd minute).  These will tell you popular pages and search terms that get people to your website. 


If Analytics scares you-and it shouldn’t-then create a word bank and start writing down the things you hear from clients about their problems and pain points. These thought fragments will help you as your collect more and more insight from your clients and translate it into: blog posts, headlines for ads, newsletter subject lines and long tail keywords for your blog posts.  


Stand out from the competition 


Research and understand your competition and what they do and don't offer. What do you do that's both valuable and different?  


Come up with a list of 5 reasons why you're a better solution that another designer. Then use these in your marketing materials, your email and sales conversations with potential clients. Take it offline too for a comprehensive marketing strategy.  


Show Off in a Show House 


Designer show houses can be a fantastic opportunity for potential clients to experience your work firsthand. While participation is often by invitation only, you can volunteer to help run or guide the show house, so you can meet the organizers.  


Or partner up! Network to meet local realtors if you’re just starting out in interior design. They may just take you up on the offer to stage a home for branding, portfolio additions, and content for your blog/social channels. The homeowners may become a good referral source for you too! 


At Charisma Communications, our Tampa marketing consultant understands that marketing is so much more than just scheduling posts on social media. It's about getting out there, having conversations and showing up in a way that your clients will be able to choose you right away because you've taken the time to come up with interior designer marketing strategy that talks directly to them.  

Need help in the marketing department? Let’s chat (maybe over coffee)! Contact Corin Harmon of Charisma Communications Tampa today.   


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