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November 1, 2016


I saw this great Simon Sinek TEDTalk video a few years ago, and I still can’t get it out of my head. There’s a good reason that I watch this at least 4 times a year; it has completely changed the way I view the marketing and sales efforts I implement with clients. I always push to lead with the why of the brand and making sure that it’s clear for customers why you do what you do.


What Simon Sinek eloquently talks about is, that by focusing on the why of your brand inspiring leaders can truly differentiate their brands. The main focus of his speech is “the golden circle”. This is as he points out everyone knows what they do, and many of those know ‘how’ they do it (differentiation as most companies see it) but at the heart of the golden circle is why they do what they do.


So many businesses hone in on what they do and/or how they do it, and think that’s enough for differentiation from their competition, but in reality you have to go a step further. When you start the conversation from the why-your cause, your belief-then you can truly win over those people who align with your offering.


As Sinek says in the TEDTalk, innovators and early adopters are the ones who are comfortable with going with what they believe, and they want to be first. Because it’s not actually about you, it’s about them. These are like-minded people who will promote your brand more than you could think imaginable because you’re coming from a place where they get you and they feel like you get them.

Let’s take a look at the golden circle of Charisma Communications:


Why We Do This Work


We believe in creating advocates. We give brands a soul infusion that fuels devotion & ignites advocacy; that’s what I’m passionate about. I believe it's not just enough to have customers buy from you, they must love you. Your business should surprise & delight buyers, connect with them where they are, be open and authentic.


Our mission is to curate the appropriate experience for every type of customer you have and continue this through each step of their customer lifecycle so their connection to you never waivers.


The Magnetic Manifesto is at the center of Charisma and impacts every decision we make with clients. That’s the embodiment of my why and it’s different than any other organization out there, because that’s my belief and what I care about. I attract clients who believe and want that the same thing from their customer relationships.


How We Do It


We evaluate, brainstorm, and implement the marketing mix. And provide virtual sales training to complete the overall experience to convert new sales.


What We Do


We offer customized integrated marketing, sales, and service campaigns that differentiate your business in the eyes of your best clients.


See the clear difference between the what/how and the why? People buy ‘why’ you do what you do. So, you have to think about your why and how you can communicate it to your audience. How can people align with you if you don’t own why you’re in business, and put it out there to be recognized?

Simon Sinek uses the example of Apple and their marketing strategy, but we see great examples all the time of the golden circle in play in marketing and advertising: IKEA, FreshPet, and Tylenol are a few examples that immediately come to mind. One of the most poignant examples I can think of, are the American Express “Priceless” Commercials.


All of these brands look at why they provide their products and the benefits to the lifestyle of the consumer instead of saying something less magnetizing like ‘no more headaches’. Tylenol in this example shows a mom playing with her kids because she’s no longer suffering with her pain. The what and how for Tylenol is way less impactful than they why of their brand (to help you fully enjoy every moment or as their tagline says “for what matters most”).


The golden circle shifts the conversation and helps to authentically speak to a smaller subset of the buyer pool.  The golden circle mimics the sales funnel in that way. The what you do will appeal to the biggest group, the funnel narrows once customers examine how you it, and then the final and smallest part of the funnel (where the conversions happen) is at the why stage. This is where you sets yourself apart from everyone else with your prospects. 

Remember: as Simon says (ha ha): “the goal isn’t to do business with people who need what you have. The goal is to do business with people that believe what you believe.”


That’s where the a-ha moments and the connection stems from. That’s where you can authentically speak with your customers and make those deep connections. That’s where you can find like-minded people that will be devoted to your brand and want to be a part of what you offer no matter what. That’s loyalty. 

Charisma Communications can help you turn your why into significant business results by communicating it to your audience. Contact Chief Experience Officer, Corin Harmon, today to learn more and start putting some more soul into your brand.


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