Welcome to the Omnichannel Revolution

September 26, 2016

Relating better with customers isn’t just a US-based initiative. The change to an omnichannel strategy is a world-wide phenomenon. Buyers don’t just walk into your store and make a purchase anymore. Now as recent research from Google suggests, over 40% of in-store consumers research online while in stores. It’s important now more than ever that businesses take steps to create a consistent customer experience both on- and off-line.

But here’s the catch: there’s only so much time in the day for your team and revamping things takes time. Does this story sound familiar?


We've spent (time and) money on a CRM, advanced analytics tools, and marketing automation software but we’ve never been able to actually spend the time to integrate all the systems and make sure that they all work together and don’t negatively impact the customer experience overall. We have all the data you could ever need, but we have no clue on where to start to even use it to improve the brand's omnichannel experience.


I’ve seen companies that have started to figure out what data points matter most, but then can’t apply these invaluable customer insights across all of their channels.


I liken it to a closed communication loop that customers can’t break into to communicate effectively with your brand. Sadly, even with all of the media & marketing advances in the past few years, the customer relationship is the biggest silo your company has!

Read more about the 3 things marketers must do to deliver a brilliant omnichannel experience here.


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