The Importance of Proactive Customer Service: Home Builder Edition

September 25, 2016




So, I'm in the middle of building a brand new, beautiful DREAM home in Tampa! Geeeeeekkkkk! The caveat...? It's about 2 months behind schedule, and has yet to even break ground!


Anyway. The experience with the builder (he who shall not be named), thus far has not been the best. Especially when it comes to the service end of things. It's funny. When we were in the sales funnel, the rep was very responsive. But, since we signed on the dotted line...he's basically been a ghost.


We've had trouble even reaching him, and it takes days and several more touches from us to get a response back from him. I hate-HATE- having to chase reps. So what's the biggest tip I can give your team: be responsive!

Many reps think that they must have the entire answer, or any answer for that matter, for the client before they reply. This couldn't be further from the truth. I recommend creating a habit around email and follow up (shameless plug: I show clients how in our sessions).


The first step is to acknowledge the customer's email. It should look something like this:




Thanks for your email. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Your seemingly fast response will make the client feel special!

But, it's important to take it a step further. I help to create what I refer to as white glove service, by also making sure that by the end of the day or by mid-day, if you got the email after hours, to send another email to your customer that updates them on the status of what they asked about.


If you don't know an answer yet, it's okay. Your buyer wants to feel like they haven't been forgotten so a quick note with a status update goes a long way in the customer experience. Simply say something like:




I'm looking into ABC for you, but I haven't heard back from XYZ Department yet. I'll give them a call tomorrow, and email you back by end of the day.


If you need anything else in the meantime, please let me know.


This response, tells the customer that you're actively working on what they asked you for and also provides them with a time frame of when they can expect an update from you. Obviously, you don't want to miss your own deadline! Best practice: always give them the chance to ask you more questions so they feel like it's an open dialogue.


As soon as you get an answer for them, send it as soon as you see it. That way, you hopefully beat your deadline, and you can check it off your to-do list!

Read the update on proactive service here!


Charisma Communications is here to help you connect the dots & offer a great experience at every step of the customer journey-not just first impression to close.


Experience matters; click here to learn more!


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