Are you over losing customers as fast as you landed them? Are your clients  blasting you online, or worse to everyone they know? Are you unsure of how to create a brand story that will draw in and keep the right customers?

If you're not seeing the business results you'd like-but you can't put your finger on what or how to even start fixing it-we're here to help you curate your business.


A negative customer experience will keep you from achieving the big league results you’re after.  Charisma Communications will help impact your customer experience in ways you never thought possible.

​Charisma Communications is owned by marketing and advocacy expert, Corin Harmon.  Her friends affectionately call her 'Corisma' because  she becomes best friends with everybody within five minutes. Corin has over 8 years of experience in customer service, sales, and marketing. She also has a Master's degree from Emerson College in  Integrated Marketing Communications.




charmed to meet you



I'm Corin Harmon, the Chief Experience Officer at Charisma Communications. I love meeting new people and cultivating relationships; I apply this trait to your customer loyalty and retention; resulting in more engaged clients and more money in your pockets.


I work closely with modern entrepreneurs like yourself to brand their businesses and bring their company to life! My job is to make you stand out, but not in the 'well, bless your heart' way. I'm committed to making every impression count! My passion is empowering the companies I work with to authentically connect with their customers and embrace their unique stories. Be different, try new things, love your clients and be truly customer centric. Trust me, you'll be amazed by the results!


I'm inspired by chic, classic design (with a bit of whimsical touches). I have a passion for fashion and home decor. And though I can't cook to save my life, food! I practically survive off of caramel cappuccinos & naan bread pizza. 

I want you to feel comfortable with me and Charisma Communications! I love to play games (but warning: I love to win!) One of my favorite games to play is two truths and a lie. So I invite you to get to know me a bit and take your guess:  

  1. I ran my first half marathon in two hours.

  2. I have lived on both the East and West Coasts.

  3. I have two sidekicks: a 15-pound Chihuahua mix & a 65-pound lab mix, who are the best of friends.

Look forward to meeting you to learn your guess!

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