Frequently Asked Questions

more about our marketing agency

Frequently Asked Questions

more about our marketing agency

Find answers to common questions about Charisma Communications, a boutique full-service marketing agency in Tampa, Florida. If you have more questions about our focus on customer experience, feel free to contact, Corin Harmon (Charisma Corin), to help you!


Why should I choose Charisma Communications?

Unlike other Tampa marketing firms, Corin Harmon blends sales, service, and marketing for small to mid-size businesses to make the most of your customer experience. Charisma Communications looks at your goals to make sure the tactics used match your marketing needs.

Do you only help with businesses in Tampa?

Charisma Communications is based in Tampa, but can work remotely to support your business. We have worked with companies throughout Southwest Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, and even Canada.

How much do you charge?

We provide hourly marketing support from $85/hour. If you are a professional networking partner, you may receive a discounted hourly rate. Please contact our Tampa marketing firm to learn more!

Can I see some work samples?

Of course, see some of Charisma Communications’ favorite recent work from Corin Harmon and our team here!

Why the name ‘Charisma’ Communications?

Corin Harmon, the owner of Charisma Communications, was nicknamed ‘Corisma’ by her sorority sisters for making friends so quickly. When creating her advocate marketing firm in Tampa, she could think of no better name than Charisma!

How do I start?

Contact us to book your free executive overview. You’ll meet with Tampa marketing expert, Corin Harmon, in person, over the phone, or via Skype!



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